Western Civilization: A Hoax on Humanity

Greg Beale
3 min readApr 4, 2024

“We Were the Lucky Ones” is a movie I am watching on my T.V. It is yet another true story that depicts what was done to the Jews during WWII.

On other channels are movies of WWI, WWII, the American Civil War, etc etc.

When I was a Stanford Freshman we were required to take the History of Western Civilization. My proctor at the time was a Jewish Professor.

At the same time Adoph Heichman was being tried for crimes against humanity….this was 1965.

My high school teacher knew some about the Genocide of WWII, but not all the details. The World History we took in high school barely spoke about the genocide.

My Jewish Professor had meetings after school hours to discuss what had really happened in 1939–1945.

6.5 Jews and other “German Enemies of the Nazi State” were killed. Of the 6.5 million I was horrified to hear that about 1 million were 12 years old and younger.

How on civilized earth can a state kill children!

Our Professor went in detail when the Nuremberg Trials were taking place. As I recall about 5 of the German killers were actually hung…the rest walked away.

In 1945 the Americans ended WWII with two Atomic Bombs. Well over 1/2 million were killed or maimed in Japan.

Japan finally gave up, but it took yet another genocide to force Japan to concede and give up.

Later in the class, the murders of thousands of Chinese by Japanese occupiers was shown.

About 65 million died in WWII ending with Atomic Weapons.

Later in the class, the history of slavery on Amerikkka was brought up. The millions of Africans were stolen from their homeland, some related to Jesus Christ (!). Slavery was an ancient practice again in Western Civilization. Feudalism is really slavery in a different manner. The wealth of the fledgling United States was developed on the backs of black slaves.

It took a Civil War to end slavery but not the goals behnd it. African Americans and Native Americans were kept out of the American Dream, Jews likewise. Amerikkka, I use KKK because of the racism of the KKK Clan.

Amerikka is rife with the same savagery that Hitler showed in WWII. White Supremacy TODAY is raising its ugly head in the form of a German (?) named Trump….

Again, this naive boy from Redding California was learning civilization the hard way. I was crushed by the truth of Western Civ:

  1. Western Civ was a killing machine.
  2. Western Civ was a slavery machine.
  3. Western Civ was a fascist machine.
  4. Western Civ was a racism and prejudice machine.

And all for one thing…money. The Nazis killed the Jews to get their money. Americans stole human beings to make money. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor to get money.

Politicians are really killers in disquise.

Every Sunday I go to church and am preached to about Love First. We have a heterogeneous group of people: White, Black, Brown, Straight, not so straight; etc. It is refreshing to be with people who tolerate and love one another; who practice what Jesus taught us?!

Meanwhile a man named Trump is once again running for President. He as promised that the first thing he will do is take vengeance on his opponents. He is a proponent of Adoph Hitler….

Trump promises vengeance including arresting his opponents. He as much as promised to out Hitlerism his opponents.

It’s the same thing as 1939…the world is once again allowing genocide in the Middle East for example. Meanwhile the weapons, including Hydrogen Bombs are owned by several nations.




Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.