Greg Beale
1 min readApr 9, 2023



Victory is a much used word…it is used in games and in war.

The United States is in a whirlwind of quest for unconditional victory…most from the right.

Trump’s whole life is built on never losing, his father, a registered fascist, berated Trump all the time to win all the time.

Biden is very different: Politics is the art of the possible; and compromise, and Biden knows it…COMPROMISE IS OK…

Trump has led the Republican Party into constant and often futile and sometimes criminal efforts into victory at all costs…

It reminds us of Mussolini, Hitler and Tojo. They led their nations to victory at all costs , no compromise, and led their nations into disaster.

55 million died in WWII. Nuclear weapons emerged from WWII.

There is no victory in nuclear war. Putin knows that, but his authoritarian mindset does not allow him to compromise…he has to win totally.

A nuclear war will mean mankind loses period.

All my life I have been threatened by total war. I served in the Army, never saw action, but learned to win; even in nuclear war.

We were taught, I kid you not, to dig a vertical fox hole, jump into it and throw your rubber cover over it!

I kid you not. We all laughed at this madness…first of all the radiation would kill you, second, really a rubber cover?

There is no victory in modern warfare.

Fascism as usually blinds its adherents to brutal reality.

God help us all!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.