Unfortunately, according to Trump’s former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, he as president did suggest to senior administration officials that they should order U.S. troops to open fire on some of his political enemies — namely, street protesters.

Greg Beale
1 min readApr 12, 2024


“Can’t you just shoot them?” Trump asked, regarding Black Lives Matter demonstrators and others who were protesting around the White House in June 2020, according to Esper. “Just shoot them in the legs or something?” (Trump has denied this account.) “

Really, and he also promised to become a dictator, but only for a little while.

When will the Republicans grow up. They have a fascist point of view, that blinds them to common sense.

Trump tells you exactly what he plans to do. These are not mistakes, or hyperbole.

He said he would build a wall and against all judgement he did….then it didn’t work. He said he could find a cure for Covid, he didn’t.

Trump lives in a fantasy world, typical of rich assholes. He never has been really called to account since he was a kid in prep school. The record there is clear, he was clever, but a bully; he was bright, but used it for no good.

In short he is Hitler.

And most of you deny it…just like the Germans denied the FACT that Hitler was CRAZY!

Finally, with all their cities in shambles, with Berlin destroyed and occupied by the hated Russians, Germans began to see the light.

The cost of authoritarianism is huge, and as they say…




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