Greg Beale
5 min readApr 1, 2021


They were part of something where people died,” Craighead said in an interview. “They were at our Black Lives Matter protest to make sure it was peaceful, but then they joined in something that was anything but peaceful. It felt like a slap in the face.”

January 6,2021 a day that will live in infamy. The Trump and fascist followers attacked in a direct effort to overthrow a legitimate election.

Not only was the election legitimate, many court cases seeking redress for a made up “Steal” failed. This was a strong armed effort to basically take over the government of the United States.

And this little village of hate, read the article on top of this piece, did what practically all rural mostly white communities did, rooted for the end of democracy and a return to the “good old days” of the KKK. Again the confederate flag is the touchstone of the banality of evil.

The planned scenario was simple: Go to the Capitol, kill the Vice President and the Speaker of the House, force all the Democrats out of the building or kill them to, have the Republicans who supported the insurrection, vote to not approve the election then vote to overthrow the election and dictate that Trump be elected President.

This plan was Trump and his fascist backer’s all along. It has precedence; the burning of the Reichstag in Germany in the 1930s….this ushered in the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler. Fascism hates democracy and will seek to destroy it in “spasms of fascism” that always seeks to take over power.

Trump has made no secret that he admires Hitler and Mussolini. His poster of “strength” of power of totalitarianism is evident. His plan to neutralize the Congress and go to the state legislatures to enact his election is evident.

Problem is the battleground states legislatures all approved of the results of the election. But that doesn’t matter, the purpose of the attack was to freeze the certification of the legal election and throw the issue back to the state legislatures of the battleground states that swung the election to Biden.

In fact, with the actions of those same swing state legislatures to fix the NEXT election with voter suppression proves the culpability of the Republican Party in this plot to end democracy in the United States.

The confederate flags carried by the protestors means exactly what that accursed rag promises, racism, slavery and fascism.

The confederacy was in fact a fascist state; and that fact is what defeated the south, because fascist states are so hamstrung with fascism that can take over governments fine, but usually fail miserably to actually govern.

Witness Spain and Italy…Fascism was codified into the government, and then failed miserably to govern. Plutocracies evolve from fascist take overs, which are always motivated by a common goal, corruption making a plutocratic dictatorship; witness the plantation economy of the south pre-civil war. The distribution of wealth is for only a white few, with poor whites and people of color, made into slaves or virtual slaves.

Germany did not share the spoils of their early success, that went to the Nazi rulers; the German public, like the Italians and the Japanese, were left out, only used to fill up the military for slaughter. Japan knew they were beat in 1943 for example, but fought on led by plutocrats who got richer as each month of WWII continues.

Fascism is always corrupt in the end for wealth. Look at the plantation economy again.

Why, because the foundation of fascism is autocracy, or plutocracy that is rife with corruption and little else. Fascism doesn’t govern well; witness Trump’s approach to the pandemic. His idea to allow local department store pharmacies, CVS comes to mind, has still not participated in vaccines due to their utter failure to govern. Again, fascism usually fails in their utter inability to govern.

Fascist regimes are poor governors period. Always have been always will be.

Never mind that the popular vote showed Trump losing by 7 million votes. Never mind that the January 6 uprising was aimed at a Civil War. Never mind that the Republicans still hold on to the big lie months after they failed to steal the government. They are still there, still fascist and racist.

This scheme now turns American against American, with racial overtones. If you are of color you are the enemy, ranging from Asian to Native American. Small towns around America, that are dominated by white supremacy are working overtime to insure a fascist state. The fascist trick of yearning for a past that didn’t really exist, the plantation myths that actually slaves like being slaves comes to mind. The south could never explain this hypocrisy: exposing democracy when practicing aristocracy.

The only way to stop a fascist is with a bullet in the head, is NOT an extremist position, it is a fact that WWII proved. Italy, Germany and Japan had to be obliterated and still the public of these accursed countries would not quit until atomic bombs literally promised killing every human being in these sick countries. And even then Japan reluctantly surrendered.

Only then did the public of Japan wake up, way too late to save the train wreck that fascists had caused .

Fascism does this, it so destroys rational thought with nativism, racism, and totalitarianism that total destruction is the only remedy. It truly is dystopian.

And still Germany right now has a large fascist movement, same with Spain and Italy….not so with Japan. They cannot help themselves. Fascism does really poorly against pandemics by the way.

South Dakota in its fascism is deliberately following racist polices that are directed at killing as many Sioux with the pandemic as possible. The woman governor is a fascist/racist pure and simple.

Name calling right: wrong…these examples are a fascist attempt to take over the government and put a dictator in power…it is that simple. This is science of government not name calling.

And, look at Brazil, fascism due to its lack of ability to actually govern without war, has left the country in chaos as the pandemic feasts on fascism’s governmental incompetence.

Fascist is not even a governmental model, it is a propaganda model to give power to a “god head” who usually is good at fomenting revolutions, but not adept at governing.

We see that right now with president Biden who in 100 days blunted a killer pandemic with governmental organization in spite of fascist state governors who are desperately opening their economies up, not for the economy, but to kill as many people of color as they can using the pandemic as a weapon.

It is reminiscent of Sherman who famously distributed small pox ridden robes to tribes and killed thousands with virus enabled genocide. German and Italy practiced genocide as well, but more direct, gas chambers and firing squads.

The attack on Washington was planned in detail, using key people in the Pentagon to freeze any efforts to bring more law enforcement or the National Guard into stopping the overthrow of the government.

And the President was impeached for it, and the Senate, made up then of a majority of fascist Republicans, voted to not convict what was essentially an open and shut case.

We are left facing a country that has given in to the fascism that our grandfathers and fathers fought in 1941.

It is wrong and it is the end of America.



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.