Greg Beale
6 min readMar 8, 2021

The main aspects of fascism are led usually by sexism, caused by masculine fears that they are losing their status, either by losing jobs or losing status in the culture. The rage of a man, and domestic violence is at record levels during the Presidency of Trump for a reason….read on.

Nazi Germany is a perfect example, it swung to fascism for two hideous reasons: 1. An entire generation of young men had literally been slaughtered in the trench warfare that was insane, literally charge after charge into artillery and machine guns; the weapons of war were way ahead of the tactics of warfare. 2. With so many men killed, women had to adopt at least for a generation, the roles of men; and that drove the remaining males crazy. German society before the war was a typical male dominated society with little roles for women except being a wife or having children.

The war changed all that with the inevitable Hitler as a result…

WWII saw slaughter again, but not as mindless. Yet again, women assumed male roles while the men were overseas; and a backlash occurred after the war, that is still going on, as male dominance was at risk, turning men into fascists.

And of course, when this male hegemony is applied to race relations, then the stereotypes that had buttressed slavery came roaring to the forefront of a backlash against male “negroes”.

White males, those again who were left in America, struck back at black males because they threatened their dominance since so many men had been killed or wounded. This manifested itself in the famous Red Scare, where McCarthy, a male chauvinist of course, tried to take over the government of the United States in a mindless purge of “Commies”….In Russian and Germany the same danger to lurch again into authoritarianism, dominated by types like Stalin, the personification of male dominance gone mad put the world at constant peril…it is no accident that Putin poses with a naked chest as a virile example of male dominance….that is plutocratic fascism at its worst!

Now we get to Trump, who was a product of a backlash against a Black President, with a wife who was a lawyer! These two self made black males and females broke every stereotype that existed, both highly educated, urbane, well spoken, a male white supremest’s worst nightmare.

This time it was led by the male chauvinist of all time, a playboy who grabbed women by their privates, who debated with attacks on menstration cycles, who bragged about his utter distain for women, and raped women for sport.

An entire political party ate this hatred and stereotyping up. Of course since WWII women’s rights finally were getting at least a toe hold on the American sense of fair play, but the ERA has still not been passed.

And of course, Trump was running against…..a woman…Not only a woman but a lawyer, a highly educated and well educated woman who had survived a marriage that was shall we say, not exactly perfect.

In short, Bill Clinton was a chauvinist as well!

But she persevered and was selected by her male African American opponent (Obama) to serve in his cabinet as Secretary of State, the highest office to date that any woman had held. And that got her under constant attacks by the male dominated white Republican Senate. It was abuse and male rage plain and simple…

The message was clear, if you are a woman in America you can attend college, you can get a degree, you can become a professional, but you cannot lead the country…

Any woman that did the opposite of this male edict was fair game for sexual discrimination or worse.

And the attacks started quickly, attacking every thing Hillary did. It got so crazy that her usage of a private server to handle her personal business (government servers are notoriously slow), was actually accused of felonies. A male FBI Chief exonerated her, and was later fired for it by the chauvinistic Republican fascist who won in the electoral college but lost in the popular vote by almost 3 million votes

This enraged the male chauvinistic pigs (sorry) to the point that they attacked Clinton even after Trump really did steal the election.

It was not an accident, that Trump attacked Hillary, after the election, he could not get over the fact that a woman had beat him straight up, and really was elected as the President.

One of the major dangers of the Electoral College, an old compromise with slavery, is a “minority elected” (not race but number) Presidency is very possible. Legitimacy is immediately in question.

Hillary of course showed grace by conceding the election; that probably had enough cheating in it that she just might have prevailed in court. In fact the Mueller Report showed significant Russian involvement and tampering with the election. Ironically The Steal that Trump accused zBiden of, Trump benefitted from in 2016.

Trump again was selected on purpose, to oppose the few who became enemies of fascism in an almost predictable ways: 1. Vengeful attacks on women for having the audacity to vote for a woman. 2. Backlash against an African American President who was married to a strong and very well spoken wife.

It was more a sexist thing, patterned after the plantation culture that often saw the white misogynistic “master” have his will with African American women slaves..

It was not unusual for rape to occur and then the owner beat his lover nearly to death….the white male rage was everywhere.

Thomas Jefferson is a good example of an alpha male who had a long “affair” with a black slave woman, a strong one at that, and sired several children with her, but when he died, refused in his will to set her free.

This is typical male weakness actually at work. Men who attack women don’t have the courage to attack men. Men who practice this usually have had negative experiences with mothers who were also beaten by their fathers. I was a Principal of a Continuation school and saw the results of sexual violence all the time. Women were usually the victims, but their attackers also had real problems with male and female models. In short, they were often sexual predators to get even for alleged wrongs women had done to them, or they copied abusive fathers and who took out their frustrations on women in often violent ways.

This psychotic behavior is particularly prevalent in Native American culture as a result of the generational damage that genocides caused, upsetting the male female role models so much that violence against women is one horrible result. Native American women are killed at a high rate, or simply disappear, and their suicide rate is off the charts. All of this is the same social psychological effect, male dominance weakness fosters violence against women.

In Redding assaults against women increased tremendously when the lumber industry went in the tank due to clear cutting. Many of the kids I grew up with had fathers who beat up their mothers all the time; a product of the male status slipping when the lumber industry caused massive layoffs. Alcohol and job insecurity go hand in hand, with women getting the brunt of the violent anger.

My first wife was beat by her father often, who often beat her mother as well. It got so bad that she moved in with her grand parents…her mother drank herself nearly to death, getting beat or threatened virtually every day…finally her father died, of alcohol.

This was caused when he was thrown out of work when his service station failed….he took it out on his family…his father was a police officer, also violent.

It basically killed my wife, who died of breast cancer, but fought depression all of her life. She was never secure, never. We had a good marriage, I was lucky and had great parents and a loving family. We basically adopted my wife when she was in high school to keep her away from the violence.

My father, who was 1/8 Cherokee had an alcoholic father (my grandfather) who died young…I had problems with alcohol as well, am over 12 years sober, thanks to my second wife who stopped enabling me, in my grief over the loss of the mother of my two beautiful daughters, by simply saying, “You are going to stop drinking and that is not a request”….and thank God I listened.

Alcoholism is a pandemic in the Native American experience…it just is.

To this day I think the violence and anger caused her cancer. For me this is personal. This is one reason why I get so involved…it is personal…I have lived spousal abuse indirectly and it killed my first wife…..and I nearly fell into the same syndrome of drug abuse that has killed so many Native People.

So the entire thing is not just racially motivated, maintaining a caste system that exists to this day, but a sexist violent system that manifests in acts of male rage.

America is ripe for fascism not just for racist motivations, but for its handmaiden (sic), deeply seated discrimination against females, especially successful ones.

It has to stop and it has to stop now!

It is a rage that creates male monsters who prey on us all….



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.