Greg Beale
1 min readJun 9, 2024


“For too long, Alex Jones has profited from the lies and fear that he peddles every day on Infowars, his corrupt business platform,” said Chris Mattei, a lawyer for the families who sued Jones in Connecticut. “The Connecticut families, driven by the principle that Jones must not be allowed to hurt or profit from the pain of others, are now on the brink of stripping him of his ability to inflict mass harm.

This man is a liar and he makes his money with lies. He is a fascist by anybody’s measure. And he is MAGA.

Despicable is a good name for him.

I am sure if he reads this, if he can read, he will try to bully me around like he does to everyone else.

The dangerous thing is Trump reads this guy, watches his lies, and for all I know, gives money to him.

Oh I forgot, both of them are dealing with losses due to their lies to the amounts of some countries’ budgets!

As a MAGA this liar and cheat treats his neighbors like slime, since he is a slime ball himself.

Think not…read up on Nazis during WWII….Gobbles for example killed his children when he and his mistress committed suicide. These sleezeballs actually killed their children due to their big lies.

They also knew that the noose awaited them…

It is hoped that same fate befalls Trump and company…

I pity these fascist liars…



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