The reckoning has not come….Trump is out, but is obviously preparing a four year assault on the country for a run in 2004. This is quite frankly unbelievable but Trump is relentless in his and the Republican Party’s efforts to destroy the United States Freedom!

It is plutocratic fascism everybody! The Republican Party has morphed into a fascist party.

I know I know it’s name calling, but it is the truth.

By any political science measure the Republican Party is an authoritarian fascist party and is getting worse.

Witness the election. They have spent millions in dubious claims of voter fraud. Internet right wing outlets for lies and propaganda have grown in size in power…from Knight to Fox and in between doing what fascists do; create an alternative reality using propaganda and lies.

That is what Hitler did; he built an alternative reality that “proved” that Jews caused Germany to lose WWI, caused the Great Depression etc etc.

The truth was Germany lost and the Jews had nothing to do with it.

But once your are “riding the Tiger” it is hard to get off.

We watch in horror as right wing militias attack protesters, we watch as Trump literally invites right wing violence at every turn.

And, the Republican Party for at least a month has refused to accept Biden’s victory. Only now, after the electoral college has met, are there begrudging acceptance of the truth.

But Trump, he keeps on lying.

Studying fascism is not fun. It is a chromic political social and economic disease that can afflict anybody.

It is subtle and is easily adaptable to practically every circumstance. Racism for example is a touchstone for fascism; it fuels it’s spread. The KKK were and are fascists. The Proud Boys likewise; and now the entire Republican Party.

So many white faces. So much denial and alternative reality lies, seeking to confuse and hide their real intentions; authoritarianism and dictatorship.

We are trying to dodge that “inevitability”, but the days ahead will be challenging….

The pandemic is not done, the virus will help, but it will take months. Meanwhile anti-mask and anti-shutdowns continue at a frenetic pace, causing what all fascists love; social and economic chaos.

The reason for the anti mask, the entire denial of a pandemic is in essence causes chaos that increase in the chances for a fascist takeover of our government.

The Republicans are real close right now.

Republicans have fascism as a goal and unlimited funds to do it. It reminds any political scientist worth his/her salt of the Weimar Republic.

And we know what happened there.

Scheming Republican politicians continue to drink the poison of lying and deceit because it wins elections. It also spreads fascism!

Look at the down ballot in 2020…the Republican Party did well from bottom to almost top….even though they had failed miserably to control the pandemic.

Republicans deserved a monumental rebuke from the voters, but only got it at the Presidential level.

Even more extreme Republicans were elected locally, the House saw a drop in Democratic Power. This means that fascism may have lost the Presidency, but exists in a strong position in local areas and in the Congress.

They claim this swing to the right is a counter to the Democrats swing to the left…but what substantial left leaning legislation has been passed recently? What socialism has emerged from the left wing? What substantive changes have occurred?

The Nazis did the same thing, warned about communism taking over the country. In their case there were external threats in post WWI Germany.

But we are to believe the Bernie Supporters have us on the verge of socialism.

Baloney! The right wing has the economy of the United States in a firm capitalist plutocracy that is only getting stronger. The Weimar Republic was ruined because of a lack of democracy tradition in Germany. In the United States racism and the Plantation Economy, that still exists, is making a comeback, on the back of the Republican Party.

What is the union membership of the United States now compared to 1938? Where is Medicare for all? Where is any real substantive progress toward socialized medicine?

There are NO socialist threats to capitalism in the United States; none.

Yet, the Republican Party has been screaming socialism for months…Trump made it a cornerstone of his State of Union Speech….

The United States is in no way at risk of going socialist and Republicans know it.

They shamelessly rode the Red Scare and McCarthyism to election wins and the end of the New Deal in the 1950s and 1960s, propelling Ronald Reagan into power.

Dismantling socialism was not hard to do, there hardly was any in the first place.

But selling anti-socialism sells propaganda for fascists all the time. Just watch them.

This means only one thing, fascism has been adopted by the Republican Party as a winning strategy.

And they will continue using it, unaware of the likely disastrous consequences, because it builds their power.

The United States faces the most existential threat to its survival since WWII. And the threat is coming from within.

It’s the Republican Party!

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.