The Reason for Jumping to Conclusions

Greg Beale
3 min readMay 19, 2024

“It’s important to note that almost every systemic analysis has found that voter fraud is exceedingly rare and is punished when it does happen. Even some Trump allies have disputed his claims about the 2020 election, and exhaustive reviews of that election have found that Trump’s claims are false. But these voters’ doubts in election integrity suggest that Republican rhetoric about potential voter fraud, like House Speaker Mike Johnson’s claim that “we all know intuitively” that undocumented immigrants are voting in federal elections, is powerful, even if it hasn’t been proven.”

Why are the MAGA’s so prone to jumping to conclusion?

One reason is that the rest of people’s reality is trained to jump to conclusion.

Where do they get this?

Just go to your television, take a piece of paper, and time how much time in one hour, are viewer’s inundated by ads.

That’s right, regular old ads.

Television is a huge bank, that takes in money from dealers for cars for example, spending millions for ads. Then the public is exposed to hours of ads, and buys a car they don’t really need!

This happens most to lower middle class people, who cannot afford the items they are conned into buying.

They then get angry that they cannot afford all the things they bought, and go to the con man for advice, that being Trump….

However, the viewers KNOW THAT THEY ARE BEING CONNED, but watch the ads anyway. They know for example that Trump is a liar, but he is a good ad con man!

The ads use comedy, drama, etc., to jazz up ads and convince the audience to “not think” just buy. Trump is an ad man….and knows artificial intelligence very well….

Really, this is not normal. Before television, people got their entertainment from radio and before that from newspapers. Both have ads, but not dominant ones, and for sure not drafted with psychological tricks to buy what is being advertised.

We are all primates. We have not yet evolved for sure from Artificial Intelligence….note the works artificial. Machines in the advertising industry, figure out what people want and then convince middle class people to BUY THINGS THEY CAN’T AFFORD.

Technology and ads are aimed at hoodwinking the audience. Many times this flood of ads gets people to DO THINGS THEY WOULD NOT ORDINARILY DO!

Pundits are constantly making fun of “the deplorables” who then get even more upset and go MAGA. Hillary Clinton used this phrase in and accurate way, deplorables were who was running Trump’s popularity. AND WHAT HAPPENED, HILLARY LOST TO THE CON MAN.

And the engine that runs this basic inaccuracy in decision making is the advertising that people are absorbing by the tons every day.

The trick that Trump so well knows, it to con. And con men love to lie and exaggerate artificial intelligence…and it works to get people to vote literally against their own self interests.

The last time this disaster of mass psychology, was Joseph Goebbels, who used the same advertising political artificial intelligence to con the public into doing things they usually would not do.

Millions paid the price….are we about to do it again?

Don’t vote for the con man, don’t vote for the ad man….vote for the person who tells the trump and isn’t just spinning ads….

If we can get “the deplorables” to “not to jump to conclusions” then the danger to democracy will die….



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.