The Public Interest NOW!

Greg Beale
6 min readApr 2, 2020

And so it goes..the conservative Republican response…deny, delay and always have first a political motive. Don’t every even consider debating what is in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

That is the debate I always look for. Debate in the open what is in the Public Interest not Private Interest.

The difference is what has brought us to a human disaster of historic proportions.

How did this critical difference effect the situation?

Trump and the Republicans are responsible for the lack of adequate testing…..right now everyone who has even a sniffle should be tested…EVERYONE. That is clearly in the public interest as suggested by science.

We knew weeks ago that this virus has about a 80% modest symptoms. Eighty percent! Now over 50% who have the virus have no real symptoms at all.

But they all still carry the virus. So we are testing the 20% who are sick or very sick? I mean we are testing only those who show blatant symptoms?

Those are the two main reasons why this virus is so dangerous. Those are the two main reasons why we are losing so many people.

An aggressive testing program is in the Public Interest. Science suggested that, countries that had the virus first proved it.

Sure it doesn’t kill everyone….but it does have a much higher fatality. rate than ordinary influenza.

That scientific fact is in the public interest.

Why did the Democrats know first?

Well, that is because the mind set of progressives is more WE than ME. That is because Democrats are wired to look at what is in the best interest of the public.

Republicans are all ME…the whole idea behind their political philosophy is directed at INDIVIDUAL EFFORT AND SUCCESS…Especially rich people’s success.

Liberals are depicted as soft on almost everything, especially when race is concerned. We see the WAR on crime, on drugs; etc., that throws vast numbers of people of color in jail. We are concerned about Justice.

We. do not see the business of America as totally Business. We we see the business of government is the public interest. Sure, many liberals are also business people, but their basic instinct is to the common good.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States.

The words jump off the page at you. “Promote the general welfare, insure domestic Tranquillity, establish Justice….

The Preamble does not say provide for the defense of business, or commerce. Nowhere is commerce mentioned.

What conservatives have done forever is grab liberty and say, see, that is the liberty; to do business without regulation, without anything to curb profit.

The business of America is profit.

Yes, I know I know, we all are part of that process. But, and this is huge, Democrats stop.

They stop when obvious injustices are done. We stop when too much wealth in concentrated in too little hands. We stop when labor is mistreated, when racial justice is thwarted, when selfishness is the only indicator of success.

It is in part, but liberty means freedom of speech of assembly etc…it does not mean do anything you want to make a buck!

But the conservative mindset takes liberty and like the Supreme Court, treats a multi-billion dollar corporation like a single citizen.

So everywhere we turn there is hoarding of money, hoarding of privilege and power to a monied elite; who then turn around and blame the liberals for being “effete intellectual snobs”.

A perfect example is in the midst of the worst pandemic in human history, Trump declared that he would end the “shutdown” (he never ordered a shutdown by the way) by Easter. The reason, because businesses were suffering. He even argued that more would die from a Depression than from the Pandemic….

That has not historical proof whatsoever. None!

Of course the employees suffer also, but the stock market crash is what drove Trump, true to conservative form, to distraction. He seized on the crash, fussed more about that than the casualty rates.

Only when the casualty reports skyrocketed did he back down. Only when it dawned on the conservative community that mass casualties would reflect back on them did he back down.

Is that the Conservative’s positive outlook? Trump says so, he says all he was doing was being optimistic.

No, its a political party whose basic philosophy of politics always carried this suicidal threat.

It was there in 1939 when the Republican Party fought with everything it had to be isolationist. It forced FDR to actually sneak around to get the lend lease funded. The draft in 1940 was minuscule while Europe burned. And the Republicans?

Well they screamed warmonger, they held rallies, they objected.

And Hitler then took France, turned on Russia, leaving the United States alone with a battered Britain.

Their inability to see the public interest almost cost us the war.

And now, they just did it again. The lack of WE and all ME has driven just yesterday McConnell to say that the Democrats should stop legislation, after passing a bailout that helps companies more than people.

And then Trump, purposefully kept the Pandemic from the American People because it would disrupt his re-election chances.

I mean he promised that the pandemic was a “hoax”.

Some of his followers still think so. Kevin Nunes just yesterday declared that we could end the shutdown in a week? He advised his constituents that they could go to bars and restaurants as the Pandemic exploded.

And the Public Interest? Nowhere even mentions by Nunes!

Even today, in many rural and Red States, personal safety isolation is not being practiced. Debates rage on the Internet about the validity of the pandemic; especially in rural Red areas.

In fact some have even postulated that the “elderly should take a bullet” and die, so that the businesses could open back up.

Never mind that the wholesale slaughter of the elderly would cripple the economy for years, that those are your grandparents and parents.

Never mind, the business of America is business.

Look at the damned Preamble above…no where does it says that!

Desperately needed edical supplies are caught in a game that the Republicans are playing, rewarding Red States and excluding the more populated Blue States.

And STILL the Republicans continue. Still they play games as the crisis deepens and widens…still no Public Interest.

For example Trump is pitting states against another like a business, bidding for protective gear of hospitals, driving prices up, so his benefactors can make huge profits.

That is a fact….

He signed the Act that allows him to ORDER private companies into production of items for public health, like masks for example, or tests, and then refuses to apply it.

Finally he did with ventilators but too little to late.

And people are dying because there are not enough ventilators.

But the most deaths are in Blue states. Is the denial of conservatives partly because they don’t see what is happening to their fellow citizens.

That is NOT what we did in 1941, when Hawai’i was attacked…

Over 400,000 Americans died in that war, to preserve freedom for all of us..and the mainland of America was never attacked.

Nobody then said, so what it isn’t me!

The Florida Governor, a rock ribbed Conservative, who allowed Spring Break idiots to party, and then carry the viruses back home. He was so clueless he didn’t even know the aspects of the virus that made is idiotic decision so dangerous.

And the list is endless. One after another not bungling, but conservative principles of non government are applied to a situation that demands something a whole lot bigger and in the PUBLIC INTEREST.

In the Depression Days, judges used to go into farming areas and enforce bankruptcy laws, ordering farmers off the land they had tilled for decades; ruining their lives.

And after a while, the judges did not make it back home.

It is time, and I am not advocating violence, but it is time for you to call your legislator, especially if you are a Republican, and tell them to stop blocking federal and state action.

Tell them you will not vote anymore for a Republican until Trump stops his selfish misguided ways. Demand that Mike Pence be fired as the Czar of the Pandemic Effort.

And appoint Obama’s Czar of the last pandemic effort to run the show…get conservatives out of positions of administrating this thing….they don’t know how…they can’t think of WE and not ME…they owe too much to business.

And stop blaming Obama for everything.

It was not an accident that a Democratic President got us through the Great Depression an WWII…it was good, and damaging to many, public policy, that stressed the Common Defense,that put the public interest first.

We need public interest right now. And the only way we are going to get it, is for you Republicans to start screaming to your leaders to start thinking of the Public Interest. because we all depend on it..



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.