The Plantation Economy and the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July….

“The anti-racist idea suggests that all racial groups are biologically, inherently equal. The assimilationist idea is that all racial groups are created equal, but it leaves open the idea some racial groups become inferior by nurture, meaning some racial groups are inferior culturally or behaviorally,” says Kendi, whose books include “Stamped from the Beginning” and “How to Be an Antiracist.”

The human genome and research about 30 years ago proved that there is no such things as biological races in the larger human genome.

In fact the whole idea of “race” was invented by men like Jefferson (who owned slaves) to justify chattel slavery (for life of the slaves and their children. Jefferson in his Notes on Virginia made it painfully plain that he did not believe literally in the all men are created equal thing!

Jefferson also weighed in on Native Americans, suggesting that they all be relocated to the west, and eventually to concentration camps (reservations) because they were “inferior’ savages. He even suggested genocide.

This while a few centuries before, the Egyptian Kingdom had subjugation thousand of white people! And Muslins were superior culturally to everyone save the Chinese…in the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance.

Jefferson conveniently left out the legacy of the Moors, Black Muslims who dominated the Middle Ages, who took over Spain and parts of France, and all of Northern Africa, were culturally vastly superior to white Europeans, and dominated Europe for over 700 years.

Native Peoples were treated by Columbus, who was a rapist and murderer, as less than “human”. He did this with the Moors in mind, who were also of color, but needed payback for the centuries of subjugation of the barbarians of Europe (mostly everyone) by the more “advanced” and civilized Moors…it was payback!

In short, all we learned when we were young, of the “Founding Fathers” can be viewed via another lens this Fourth of July.

Mercantilism was what started the colonial movement, that is still being used against indigenous peoples. And the reason for this discrimination is simple: raw materials for the Industrial Revolution and profit.

Amerikkka is a good example: colonists were often running away from the outbreak of cultural religious warfare, and slavery masked as feudalism. Many “settlers” had been serfs. The “New World” was just that, endless land (of which Europe did not have) and resources that were huge.

So, most of the colonists worked for companies that colonized for profit. They were looking to start new industries, the Industrial Revolution was in the distant future, but the seemingly endless land and resources were right now, and made a few very rich.

Cotton, sugar and rice were immediately planted as the industrious mercantile movement, based on companies led by single white men, quickly took hold especially in the southern colonies. The Scots had been subjugated for decades by the English, and a few of them attained plantation status. They never could have done that in Scotland because England owned it. So once they were Lords of the Plantation Manor, they would never give it up….and that exists today….

The New World represented fleeing from serfdom and a caste system that kept all but the British Lords of the Manor down. Ever wonder why Lord is used in the New Testament so much…because the Lords of the Manor, a system of slavery of white serfs, was exploding in use when the New Testament was written. The word Lord is used countless times to not just depict Jesus, but also the ruling caste of the time.

Protestantism was invented precisely because of this unfairness; but never really succeeded in equal opportunity but for the very few….the Lords of the Manor. It is no accident the term “the King of Kings” is used so much in the Bible…Kings ruled…not just the spiritual kind…

During the Enlightenment the serfs began rebelling, which culminated in the Communist movements of the 19th and 20th centuries and the Democratic movements of the New World….Both were addressing white people inequality NOT dark skinned people anything.

That economic system was building, with manpower deficits caused by centuries of the Black Death and Small Pox. It soon became apparent that building industries based on a plantation economy (colonialism) model could mean huge profit for who heretofore were poor Scottish Serfs. And to do that meant endless free land….which meant Virginia, Georgia and Florida et al…

Slavery was immediately the answer (Columbus was a slave ship owner before he became the hero of colonialism). And once it took hold, eradication of the Native People as soon as possible became a “foreign policy” of the new United States Republic.

Intellectuals like Jefferson et al, postulated the need for some kind of system of free labor, and he led the subjugation of slaves of color (both African and Indigenous) based on the “fact” that people of color were somehow inferior to whites. It must be noted that Jefferson was well educated for the time, few men could even read…..but did not have any scientific proof of his prejudices. It took halfway through the 20th century for that to happen.

This is interesting given that in 1492 the Moors were finally driven off the Spanish Portugal areas, but still had enormous influence on Europe from then to date. The influence was immediate that cheap labor could only be obtained in those days, via chattel slavery. And yes, the Moors had slaves as well,usually tribute of war lost. For example, modern mathematics were invented by the Moors; etc.etc….

In the north, whose owners moved away from English dominated slavery due to the fact that the nations of Europe were renouncing the slave trade, began a system of production that was patterned after feudalism; ie., white serfs who were lifetime slaves basically with their offspring automatically stuck in the serf class forever. This as expanded from white serfs to black serfs in essence…the difference was black serfs were slaves for life as were their offspring; chattel slavery came about in 1800 or so, in response to the 1815 European agreement to end the slave trade. Basically Plantation Lords needed an excuse to continue what would have to be home grown slaves for life; hence chattel (lifetime and generational) slavery.

This is what the American colonialists were fleeing, THE WHITE COLONIALISTS WERE MANY TIMES SUBSERVIENT TO MOORS, and when Black Moors started showing up as chattel slaves for sale, it was payback for the centuries of serfdom that most settlers shared.

It was payback at the Battle of Grenada, when the the Moors were driven from the Spanish peninsula and parts of the Middle East, after 700 years!

This would take centuries to play out, culminating in WWI, which was fought over which nation in Europe could keep its colonial “empire”. Remember, up until 1492 there were no nation states, but caliphates of influence throughout the Middle Ages. And caliphates as societal practice was invented by guess who….the Moors.

It always come back to the Moors. In also must be mentioned that the Enlightenment ignored this history….

The Founding Fathers knew that, so they had to write a Constitution that kept the slave states (most of the colonies had slavery at the time) and the subjugation of poor whites as basically serfs.

The economic model that evolved had plutocrat dominance of a few people, and the rest workers either slave or serfs. In short, there really was never that much economic freedom availability for all white people until…..well…never. This caste system exists in the United States today and it getting even more elitist…we elected a billionaire as a President, and got fascism!

Those were all historical facts that now the ruling white caste in Ameerikka want to drive underground once again, hiding the injustice and unfairness of the present caste (not class) system that discriminates against well……everyone but the very few. The trick for plutocratic and fascist power is keep all but a very few subjugated…..leaving only the super rich with anything…welcome to Amerikkka’s Republican Party who elected a Billionaire who is still revered by the super rich and the super poor white supremacists.

So all of us are still serfs, only a few living a life of plenty, while homelessness grows out of control.

On this Fourth of July, all men (where are the women) are definitely NOT created equal according to the person who wrote it and owned slaves and practiced genocide of indigenous people.

That is the promise that was made, high and mighty goals, that Amerikkka has never attained and probably never will, with the con that was perpetrated by the plantation ruling class on the rest of us a long time ago.

You see, we all are serfs in the end….and guys like Trump always “gets away with it” because he is rich period….

We cannot all be free until we ALL are Free.



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Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.