The Neighbor From Hell…SCOTUS Hell

Greg Beale
1 min readJun 8, 2024


““She didn‘t put the flag up for that reason. Absolutely, 100 percent,” said Baden, whose initial anti-Trump sign and subsequent sign drew the ire of Alito’s wife. “And that‘s what I want to really drive home to people, is that this happened on February 15, and we know that because they had been harassing us so long that we were like, ‘We need a paper trail of this, like we‘d better call the cops right now.’”

The confrontation occurred when Baden was living with her mother after the 2020 election and decided to erect a yard sign which, she explained, “was an anti-Trump sign” that said, ‘F-Trump’ in “glitter, cursive letters.”

“It was just a message to the world that I see Trump as a danger to our democracy… so I just used my small influence in my small corner of the world to broadcast my views like that,” Baden said.”

The worst part is not the lie about why the flag was put up…the worst part is the lying of the SCOTUS in trying to cover it up.

This gives up another example of MAGA…no decency, no truth, nothing but telling big lies all the time.

Goebbels did this successfully (?) As his result was to poison his children and wife then shooting himself.

This is the kind of pond scum we are dealing with…

Again, the bombers that reduced Japan to ashes and Germany the same, is the only thing fascism will bring.

Stop because Republicans we all will suffer from your god damned lies.



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