The Lost and Fascsim

Reference a piece in Newspaper that pushed inter-racial marriage as a panacea for the institutionalized racism Amerikkka suffers.

What this piece misses is that in the 1940s California had a prohibitive law that greatly punished couples for getting married with different skin color. The penalties were prohibitive; 10,000 dollar fines (a lot of money then) PLUS 10 years is jail (no kidding)..

This penalty was not just for the couples…..any official, like those who granted marriage licenses, were subject to the same penalty!

It was only the SCOTUS who declared this madness illegal a few years (1948) after the centuries of racism whose decision to end punishment of “interracial marriages”.

My parents lied and alopted to sidestep California law…my Dad being part Native American…

Intermarriage can help to a point, but. arguing that it is a panacea is not enough. We need more affirmative action (strenuously opposed by conservative Republicans (racist to the core).

The only thing that can spare us, is to outlaw fascist behavior first and foremost, and then pass laws ending the injustice that minorities and poor white people, have endured for over 400 years.

Yes that means more laws outlawing institutionalized racism; reparations, the works, and laws to uplift the poor white caste…they are all connected to the plutocracy we currently live in….

MAGA thrives on this; once again recruiting white supremacy, using the poor white caste as foot soldiers of oligarchy fascist behavior…

When the mobs stormed the Congress January 6 they chanted take back America…MAGA…

They were obviously NOT calling for a roll back of all racial (not a thing by the way)….behavior. They were being used by an oligarch, Trump, to protect the plutocrats who get rich USING all of us.

Interracial marriage might help some, but does nothing for segregated schools and perpetual injustice done to people of color, gays and lesbians, and yes Jews (plus other victims of Amerikkka), and finally poor white people…For example the vast majority of homeless people right now are white…victims of selfish oligarch “Lords” who are tying to take all of us back to feudalism.

1. Racism is not a real thing…it was invented to justify a caste system, earlier a slave system, postulating that a person’s skin color was somehow hierarchical like Darwins survival of the fittest (white people being the fittest). Science and the discovery of the human genome, ended forever any legitimacy of the term racism,

2. Oligarchy and the big scam. Labor or the poor is what runs McDonalds etc. The minimum wage is the only income for many people of color, who find themselves in a lower caste just because of the culture or color they evidence. In short, racism and prejudice means huge profits for the very few, as labor is once agains demeaned and attacked, paying starvation wages to laborers..

3. This devaluation of labor has spread to the lower white caste, and creating in their anger a rebirth of white fascism.

The backbone of the growing MAGA Fascism comes from the anger of white former industrial workers, who have been replace by robots….that’s right robots…the IPad I am working on right now was NOT touched by human hands until after it was manufactured, cars are never touched by human hands on the assembly line….The Democratic Party acceptance of this as part of the “global economy” at least is honest about it, but have also have ignored the worker caste (both white and dark skinned). The Republican Party has ALWAYS been the party of the rich. The MAGA is aimed at the rich, the poor of all colors is deviously left out. Think not, look at Trump’s tax cut…who benefitted (he did); ie., the Rich get richer the poor…poorer…

4. The devaluation of labor was the most obvious in the plantation economy, making the plantation owners fantastically rich, leaving the majority penniless…..and subject to the whims of the owner caste.

5. This has morphed into fascism led by Trump, while he is a rich plutocrat himself. The abuse of “white trash” has been in the American reality for over 400 years; Black Africans and Native Peoples are pointed to by liberals as the victims of racism and prejudice; also afflicted by this gross injustice, are white people who are part of the workers caste, underpaid and neglected.

6. Finally, there are the oligarch fascists then use the anger of the poor white caste, overworked and underpaid, as foot shoulders of fascism. Where did I get these ideas…I READ THE HISTORY OF NAZI GERMANY…WE ARE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING AS A COUNTRY, NOT DEALING WITH HUMAN SUFFERING UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!

Remember African Americans are not the ONLY victims of our right wing oligarchy economic system…most of us, save the top 1% are also victims…..



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Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.