The Impacts of Global Climate Change

The climate matters , weather matters.

We hear how careful scientist are to not equate weather, the normal change of seasons, snow fall, rainfall, etc; with climate change.

Conservatives love to talk about the epochs of climate change. They immediately go to the ice age, various other changes in climate that takes thousands if not millions of years. They say we are just in another epoch.

Their excuse, based in absolutely no science, is this is usual and long so don’t worry.

It’s not! Climate does not substantively change in 100 years. It just doesn’t; but it just did!

Even the volcanic eruptions that definitely affected climate millions of years ago, are suppositions not made by empirical evidence. It is just reckoned that the volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere caused cooling of the planet. We have clear scientific evidence that a rapid climate change, not seen since the last giant asteroid, is occurring right now!

In the past 100 years mankind has improved its scientific predictions a thousand fold. Computer simulations now can make sense of the immense data from climate change detecting instruments and predictions of climate manifestations are now possible far more than the anecdotal assumptions of the past.

Epochs have been more accurately described with this data, but it is looking past not forward. Climate change trends are now able to be predicted with a high degree of accuracy.

And the prediction is not good.

The basic chemistry of the atmosphere and the green house effect, that has varied climate in the past over thousands if not millions of years, now has shown that because of mankind’s fossil fuel emissions over the past 200 years, the atmosphere has been radically altered.

The climate is changing at a rate that is simply unworldly. And it has been substantiated.

It is not the edge of an epoch, that deniers like to claim, it is happening literally at light speed. And the more emissions we put into the atmosphere the faster it happens.

And mankind is and will react in historically predictable ways.

The great epoch of the Ice Age and the Great Warming, that took over 100 thousand years or more to develop, is now moving into even a Greater Warmer, that is taking 100 years. The impact of that is staggering.

We know from recent (past 3000 years) what that slower change (relatively speaking) did to human history.

The racism of the modern world, type casting a person’s race as a determining factor of civilization etc., was directly the product of climate change.

As the Ice Age receded, brown skinned people of the equatorial region, where mankind first evolved slowly moved out of the warmer climates to the north. This over time lead to a gradual whitening of skin due to the fact that fair skinned people were not naturally selected out of the more intense rays of the sun near the equator. In short, more light skinned DNA (making up about 5% of a person) survived sun caused skin cancer.

And, As the ephoc continued, the more moderate climate of modern day, the white skinned people rediscovered their ancestors in the equatorial regions.

Because these cultures were more warlike, due to the difficulties they faced in dealing with a colder climate, they tended to invade warmer areas with the intent on getting the easier and more plentiful game that lived there. And they ran smack into their ancestors who were brown and black.

Of course you know the rest, in a few hundred years, the Greeks then the Romans conquered the then known world, leaving out Asia and the Americas, with great prejudice. Genocide was a common practice as white skinned people’s with somewhat superior technologies (guns) subjugated darks skinned peoples. African slavery and the genocide of Natives Americans are two examples.

Western Civilization was considered by the white people of the planet to be the preeminent culture in the known world. It wasn’t of course, but that drove the modern era up to and including the worst wars in mankind’s history.

Of course I am now talking about what an archeologist would call present times, about the last 4000 years or so; which is but a hiccup in mankind’s actual existence on earth.

Fossil fuels being used for energy is but a tick on a clock that runs for millions of years. But that tic is deadly.

Because the atmosphere is about 4 miles high, a thin skin that barely covers the earth, earthly developments like volcanic eruptions, asteroid collisions and burning fossil fuels can upset the delicate balance of climate that allows for the size of the population. of earth. Simply put, when the climate changes, either provided for more mankind’s growth or the opposite, people die either way.

Currently we are in a very temperate time of climate that allows overpopulation of earth. But. that is rapidly changing due to man’s emissions he has put knowingly into the atmosphere.

And that is global destructive climate change that in 100 years is doing what epochs of time used to do.

It is probably similar to the destructive force of a large asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. And man kind could control it, but refuses to.

A micro, milli second of human history is being lived right now; that could have catastrophic results for life on earth.

First, the overpopulation of the planet of all species cannot be maintained in a Pleistocene climate. It just can’t. Next, the sudden run out of the energy that man has figured out to run air conditioners, that even is used on large stadiums, will be disastrous. People cannot grow crops and feed billions with perpetual drought, wildfires; etc. It is impossible.

But mankind, typical primate behavior, is to migrate, and ignore until it is too late. And the migration, just as it was in the slower change of epochs, brings mankind into conflict for the diminished resources that are sure to be a product of rapid global climate change.

The huge difference here is we KNOW why this is happening. Our ancestors, who went north when the ice age slowed, had no idea why conflicts were happening other than the immediate invasions and battles. We know what conflicts are happening, it’s migration that gets into other people’s territory.

Again, if you look at Europe, at Asia, at Africa and North and South America and Australian you will see migrations that are already straining government’s ability to maintain peace and order.

The Syrian Civil War, for example, is a direct result of drought and famine that caused farmers in Syrian to migrate to the cities, but the dictator did nothing to help them. Libya, Bangladesh, Burma; the main genocides of the earth today are fed by people fleeing their homes because there home areas can no longer can sustain large numbers of people.

This trend will continue into the mass populated areas; for example in America when ocean level rise wipes out Florida, California and New York’s economies. People will flee inland, running right into a conservative base of people, who won’t let them in.

Fighting will start, probably in the next thirty years, over oil depletion and climate driven storms that hit the coastal regions and the inevitable rise in oceans that are part of arctic and Antarctic circle ice melting.

It could be stopped or at least slowed, if America, the home of automobile travel (the main contributor to climate change) would reduce reliance on private automobiles and move back to trains and buses to get to work.

But political motives of the fossil fuel industry, that is driven by profit not science, block those developments.

North Carolina, in a painful example for shortsightedness, actually passed a law over ten years ago, forbidding the use of science to prepare for floods and Hurricanes. The real estate industry was worried that accurate predictions of Hurricanes being different because of climate change, would hurt their ability to sell coastal and low elevation real estate. So they outlawed the science and the recent Hurricane, which left the are over two weeks ago, is STILL FLOODING AND KILLING PEOPLE.

But the deniers continue no matter what. They even elected a President who is busily reversing the minimal efforts that were begun to deal with an threat to mankind that should have started 50 years ago.

Right now the Tump Administration is rolling back every climate change regulation it can; even pushing to mine for oil in National Federal Reserve land and Parks!

This should be a red flag to all of us, of just how desperate the oil and gas industry is to find more oil, in an oil run out that has already started.

That is the final nail in mankind’s coffin, coupled with denying global climate change. Oil and coal are being mined at unprecedented levels to keep up with now world demand. The sweet crude oil, that kept gasoline prices a few years ago below what it cost to buy water, now is gone. Fracking, oil and tar sands and shale are now the target of mining, far more expense to to mine, but tragically for mankind, the last fossil fuel resource left. I will say this again, we are mining right now the end of petroleum as an energy source on the planet with about a 30 year run out!

And it has hit its peak. And that is the reason the oil companies want into Federal Reserve lands and parks, not because there are huge oil reserves there, but because there are some reserves there, probably months worth. And it’s tragically getting to a shorter run out because of a worldwide demand that simply uses up reserves faster and faster!

It is pathetic to watch this; knowing that oil is running out. Think about it for a minute…really; when the oil exploration era was growing, a national park over large deposits of oil or a land reserve over say the oil of Texas or California just would not have happened. Those areas, some beautiful areas that had oil derricks on them for a century, were mined first and hard. Now they have run out of oil!

There is simply no way, given the total lack of real conservation knowledge of say the 1890s, that large oceans of sweet crude were left in Yosemite part for example.

As they say, there is no there there.

We are scraping the bottom of the barrel of oil right now, and coal, a much more dirty fossil fuel, also has a run out…we have basically used up the main energy of earth as fast as we can!

And so we sit on a supercharged climate with no oil to run the economies of earth that support billions of people staying alive.

And we could, if our governments would tell us the truth, cooperate and help slow the carnage that is going to happen. But, like North Carolina, we stand idly by, as special interests, who are blinded by profit versus mankind’s very existence, just keep on lying and drilling and fracking and destroying man’s last chance for survival.

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.