The Great Conspiracy

Understanding white nationalism and supremacy is also recognizing the threat to our freedom!

Greg Beale
6 min readAug 6, 2019


Look this has been planned…it goes like this.

Remember the Vietnam War? Been a while right? Remember the Love it or Leave it of Nixon?

The right wing, that had reveled in McCarthism, the red scare, got us into the Vietnam War by accusing the Democratic Party of the Yalta “Sellout”.

Roosevelt, who was mortally ill, made a compromise with Stalin and Churchill to leave Easten Europe to the Russians as a “buffer zone” between Germany and the USSR.

And what else was he supposed to do? The USSR was destroyed by a Germany that for the SECOND TIME has attacked them in twenty years.

Only this time, millions were killed and the USSR was basically burned to the ground. Every major city but Moscow was destroyed, millions were killed.

Roosevlt and Churchill knew this basic fact, that the USSR was so badly damaged by the war that it would not be an international player for over twenty years.

Americans, being the ethnocentric isolated country it still is; just wanted the “boys to come home”.

In 1946 they didn’t give a rip what happened to Eastern Europe!

So leaving “Eastern Europe” that would cost billions to rebuilt, to the USSR was something the “Allies” would have to do anyway.

And politically in 1945 it made perfect sense. The American people were tired of war, the Russian people were mostly dead!

But the American People and the Democratic Party disregarded the post WWII political climate. The Republicans, who had been basically politically exiled for over almost 20 years, were still incensed about the New Deal, Social Security; etc, etc..

And Yalta was a good start for a comeback.

However, Roosevelt died and Truman took over. Rather than retake the White House in the wake of an “old man”, the 1948 election pitted a relative young feisty man against a viable candidate, and Truman proved the New Deal was indeed not dead, by upsetting Dewey.

Truman was much more adverse to “communists’. He also lived in a “swing state” that required, if he was going to run for re-election in 1948, he would have to be careful with the USSR. The containment policy essentially started the Cold War.

Still, the USSR was not a threat; it was in shambles. But this fast was kept from the American People, as both parties used the USSR as a existential threat, when really it was a ruined state trying to rebuild.

The Republicans desperately needed something in fact ANYTHING that they could use to get at least some political power back.

The Atomic Bomb provided the stimulus. The Russians as it turned out were also trying to invent an atomic bomb during the war. Germany was actually ahead in the Atomic Age Race, until the Allies bombed its heavy water plant into oblivion.

After the war, Russia rounded up all the German nuclear and rocket scientists it could, just like the United States rounded up all the rocket scientists, looking forward to what WWII had predicted would be the warfare of the future; ballistic missiles and atomic warheads.

This was not a full on effort however in both countries; after all the United States already had the secrets of the Atomic Age, with the dropping of two bombs on Japan.

The USSR, desperate to rebuild and take its rightful place as a world power, knew this meant Jets, Rockets and Atomic Bombs.

Remember, WWII was really decided in the massive tank and artillery battles in the Ukraine, Stalingrad, as huge armies were swept up the most massive warfare in human history. Russia survived, Hitler did not; helped by the Americans who forced Germany in a true two front war that no country could have won.

The fateful day when the USSR set off its first atomic bomb was critical for American politics.

The Republicans, always opportunists, saw a cynical opportunity. And Joe McCarthy, “Gunner Joe” who was a WWII two Vet, and a fascist, used the Atomic Secrets Scandal to build a atmosphere of terror, wrongly accusing everyone of being a “RED”.

The Democrats were vulnerable on this, since during the first years of the Great Depression, many Democrats has flirted with Communism as a possible solution to the worldwide Depression. Many liberals had even filled out a Communist (really socialist) card in their desperation to figure out the Great Depression.

As it turned out the solution to the Depression was held by Hitler, who used a world war to stop the depression; a dubious trade off at best.

And McCarthy, who lied at every turn, who promised a “return to glory” for what at that time was the only major military power on the planet…the USSR, Britain, Japan, etc., etc., would take a generation to rebuild and posed NO THREAT WHAT SO EVER TO THE UNITED STATES UNTIL THE 1960s. And for a time, Americans, as they have with Trump, bought his bullshit!

But this is hindsight. McCarthy basically used the Red Scare to stop the New Deal, period!

And Eisenhower, a non-political war hero, was elected President ushering in a post war time of “normalcy” and the United States once again pulled back from international relations.

But a right wing of the Republican Party, Principled Conservatives they called themselves, was born; that was not far from morphing into the very enemy the world had defeated in 1945.

And what does this have to do with white supremacy?

Fascism needs economic and societal disaster to succeed. One avenue for this is war. The other is social conflict caused by racism and prejudice.

War, in the Atomic Age was a tool to be used as a threat, but the frightening reality that all of us grew up with, a nuclear war, was simply mutual destruction, and of that the world was certain.

So a better platform, once that would not end the human race, rather than starting a war with the USSR, was racism.

The aftermath of WWII, that saw African Americans, Native Americans etc (those people)…help win the war, led quickly to DEMANDS for advances in Civil Rights. No longer could the white ruling class get away with Jim Crowe terror. They were dealing with returning veterans of color who knew how to shoot!

The 60s enhanced and culminated these demands, resulting in aggressive riots in major cities, especially with the white nationalist execution of Dr. King. These riots were so large than even the National Guard could not stop them.

This scared the white population in the U.S. to death!

Now fascism had it arena, it growing zone, to build a real threat to the hated liberalism and democracy of the Democratic Party.

This was aided even more, by the realignment of the political parties, taking the fascist Dixiecrats from the Democratic Party into the Republican Party in the early 1970s.

Suddenly the anti-”RED” party had the anti “Black” political wing…adding to the fascism that was building right in front of our eyes.

The gun laws in America, that had heretofore been common sense, with so many veterans who knew what machine guns could do putting a lid on mass ownership of automatic weapons, began (with direct support from the fascism inherent now in the Republican Party (the NRA) to work in overdrive to arm the right wing fascists in the country.

The Black Panthers were organized to counter this threat, showing that African Americans were NOT going to condone a return to Jim Crow lynchings with a disarmed Black population. In short, people of color began arming themselves.

Tragically, this led to gang violence that continues to destroy communities.

The Indian Rights movement did the same thing, arming themselves at the Wounded Knee Protest and literally getting into gun battles with federal officers.

The message from minorities was, you mess with us you die. No longer will be quietly go into the night!

And of course, this played right into the growing fascist movement in the United States.

The USSR as the existential threat was gone when it disbanded in the late 1980s. But it was replaced by the threat of “those people” and culminated in the perfect storm of 9/11.

Suddenly (it was planned) conservatives took over that was left of the liberal wing on the Republican Party. Nixon was elected. Reagan (the first fascist President (but he had a nice smile) was elected, followed by one Bush after another and finally by a real fascist…Trump.

Fascist white supremacy had all it needed to succeed.

And the proof this growing power was the election of Donald Trump, an avowed fascist who proved his white supremacy credentials when he conned the country with the “birther controversy” that attacked the first African American President and drove the white backlash that followed Obama’s Presidency.

So America is now faced with exactly what the fascism of McCarthy and the racist southerners wanted; an armed to the teeth America that will, they hope, lead to a fascist takeover of the United States.

They are almost there, now owning the Supreme Court, the Senate and the Presidency, who tweets now that he may not follow any vote that throws him out of office in 2020.

The wolf is no longer knocking on the door, he is in the damned house!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.