The Electoral College: Racist Dictatorship

Greg Beale
4 min readAug 24, 2020

“Probably, if Biden manages to be elected and, better yet, take the oath of office, it will be because Americans chose a president who is not a con man, not a liar, not a cheat, not a narcissist, not a misogynist, not a racist, not an autocrat, not an incompetent, not willfully uninformed, not cruel and not a danger to national security.” Sacramento Bee

Can you I imagine? This is the mess the conservative fascists have got us into…Prose like this would never. have been used before in Presidential history…and pundits have been pretty frank, nay viscious, with the criticism of the President; witness Lincoln during the Civil War.

Tragically for all of us, the quote is spot on.

So the “faithful” who are full of hate, and racism, the dirty 30% once again will manipulate the Electoral Colllege and steal another election.

The Electoral College was a slave state protection compromise (?) that will destroy our republic… We cannot continue to elect a President with a minority of votes, we just cannot. The legitimacy of the regime will not continue except by force of arms..hence he end of America.

We were taught, wrongly, in high school that the Electoral College was good, for the following fictions:

  1. The popular electorate were to ignorant to pick a President.
  2. There was great danger from democracies for “stable government” that constantly elects rich slave owners.
  3. Trust the rich slave owners they know best.

Slaveowners were incredibly rich, comparatively, from 1790 to 1865. The bulk of income in America resided in the plantation owners. The industry of the north, depended on free labor in the south to prosper as well..The rich were in on keeping chattel slavery; an exaggerated evil to profit very few (sounds like today).

All of these lies were wrong then and are wrong now.

America has a mythology of the knowledge and good sense of the common man. It is imprinted in our DNA.. and the Constitution negates it.

Yet we endure this fiction, that somehow keep electing someone who has millions less votes. and pretending that it is good?

These are the real reasons for the Electoral College.

  1. The southern slaves states would not sign off on the Constitution without the Electoral Colllege provision.

2. The Electoral College gave enormous power to a super rich minority who owned slaves; negating much of the Bill of Rights. Authoritarian Presidents were elected with authoritarian slave owners dominating the Senate and the SCOTUS. This fascist regime (Hitler studied this as a template) was authoritarian from the beginning.

Plantation culture was the height of authoritarianism (fascist plutocracy) with poor southern whites unable to vote because again, the 1890 compromise, demanded a voter own property to vote…the vast majority of the land in the south was owned by a few plantation owners…the aristocratic looking, Lord of the Manor Plantations were just that…aristocratic and authoritarian…there was no room for the common man…they were working for the slave owners often just for room and board; in a sense as much slaves as their black brethren!

3. And, predictably, the slave states as time moved on, dominated the Presidency; up to and including the infamous election of 1876, when RB Hayes won in a compromise with the racist Confederate state Democrats , that ended any justice for freed slaves for 100 years. Again tyranny won.

4. As the Republican Party dwindles in size due to its racist and fascist nature, the Electoral College is its last best hope for authoritarianism to prevail…in the last five elections, the electoral college has determined the outcome. TWICE even though the other side won the popular vote. In short, in two decades the wrong person won the election, with no legitimacy to govern.

5. This lack of legitimacy drives authoritarianism, yes dictatorship, of a dwindling number of super rich over the rest of us. In a very real sense, Trump is the plantation owner and his following are like the plantation overseers, hired hands to protect the privilege of the elite and EVERY BIT AS SUBJUGATED AS THE SLAVES BENEATH THEM!

It is a con; a ruse, manipulating the poor for the pleasure of the rich. It is aristocracy fascism!

6. The other “compromise” that is rendering our democracy useless, is the Senate, that unfairly disregards millions of voters every election, with the compromise that a state with millions less voters can have the same representation. The Supreme Court long ago followed democracy by enforcing one person one vote and ALL of the state legislatures do not have Senates with the same number. This anachronism only serves one party, the Republican Party, whose numbers are dropping because it is made of of old white men mostly and is fascist.

Every fascist dictatorship has followed the same play book..coming to power as a small minority, then first destroying democracy, then turning on the “enemy” and genocide.

Any beginning Political Science major can tell you this. The Electoral. College will destroy us.




Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.