The Banality of Evil……

And it goes on and on and on…now our Asian cultural brothers and sisters are targeted by the former president, remember his blame China for the pandemic bullshit…it wasn’t China it was global warming and human error in getting too close to wild animals that cause this horrible outbreak.

Climate scientist have been warning about this for years…and most of us, getting in our trucks and R.V.s and burning up gasoline as fast as we can, have NOT LISTENED!

Trump and his fascist followers, propagated another Big Lie, blaming China for the pandemic.

This was yet one more “dog whistle” that Trump used all the time…the presumptive arrogance of a bigot….all the damned time to demonize who he saw as his opponents.

Then the police officer who said, “He was having a bad day” some say the officer (?) was saying that because it is what the perpetrator said…

Think about this…why would the officer ever repeat (if we give him the benefit of the doubt) that a person merely had a “bad day”???

And. that is what…a perfect psychology defense for the right wing fanatic that really carried out Trump and the Republican indirect revenge against the Chinese.

And then did any of you first say, no it isn’t the Chinese, it was the women. I will bet you that some of the victims were from Southeast Asia, or Hawaii or wherever…Racism paints with a broad brush.

WOMEN..that is same damned thing…demonizing a group for the crimes of a madman. And I have even heard some say, it wasn’t. a hate crime he was only after women because of his sexual fantasies.

Uh, proof number 2 in any study of fascism has “violence against women” as a classic fascist motivation!!

Read for God’s sake! Stop getting your information from nothing but the internet. If you don’t believe me cause this is on Facebook then read “An Anatomy of Fascism”.

The literature is rife with scientific truth about fascism….just read it, stop getting Fox News propaganda, BECAUSE FOX NEWS IS A FASCIST ORGANIZATION…How many women complained about sexual discrimination and harassment via Fox News Men? Dozens of course.

Hitler. famously blamed the Jews for everything…and killed millions of them WITH THE GERMAN PEOPLE’S SUPPORT…albeit a quiet support, but a support nonetheless. For example, did the German people stand up when all that Jewish property was available for the taking when the Jews were mass transported to killing camps? Did they not take the property. They did.

And good patriotic Americans DID THE SAME THING when they stole Japanese American’s property during the Ex Order 9066 mass crime against humanity in 1941–1945.

And then, with the camps within spitting distance of many towns, in both American AND Germany, Americans professed ignorance of the camps.


This is fascism folks, the bastard did this according to again unprofessional talk from a police officer that should know better?

No, (you NEVER talk about motive to the press, a good lawyer will use that as a prejudice of a jury and get his client a lesser watch that is exactly what this “insanity plea” will do).

It was a hate crime against Asian Women prompted by the fascist Republican Party who has made it very plain that Chinese caused the Pandemic.

I had medical professionals, in my physical therapy, tell me with stark assuredness that “The Chinese weaponized the virus in laboratories”.

The WHO did not agree with that and Trump pulled the USA out of the organization remember..he did it because the WHO would not agree with his racist fascist “lie” that Chinese caused the pandemic.

This fascism is active and alive in America and we stand back and tolerate it.

A scapegoat must be found right, for the pandemic, that really was made worse by the inept leadership of a political party that has weaponized the pandemic for political benefit.

That’s right, the Republican Party has weaponized the pandemic, leading the charge of utter and complete prejudice that China did it.

It is easy in a crisis to stampede Americans..It covers a group’s irresponsibility and lawlessness! Panic is a weapon that fascists use all the time!

Why do we know this: LOOk AT EXECUTIVE ORDER 9066 IN 1941 that saw the United States mimic the fascists in Germany and “relocated” millions of Japanese citizens.

Look at the Trail of Tears in 1832 on that took millions of square miles away from its owners all because of the color of a person’s skin. Don’t be conned, these victims of the Trail of Tears were all considered “the Five Civilized Tribes” because they were the most assimilated Naive American cultures in the early 19th Century…

The Five Civilized Tribes were not named that on accident: they were…which blew apart the stereotype of savages and STILL they were trooped off to Oklahoma…it was the land that the savages of America wanted, and they sure as hell were NOT brown…they were white!

That is how my great great grandfather got to Oklahoma…The Trail of Tears….This is personal!

People still defend that,because the “Asians”, the victims are always to blame, when fascism is in charge.

January 6, 2021 is proof positive just how close we all are to fascim hell!

The Exclusion Acts, Law after Law, Red Lining, etc etc 9066 the evidence is overwhelming that the AMERICAN PEOPLE WRIT LARGE ARE FULLY CAPABLE OF THE SAME CRIMES THAT THE GERMAN PEOPLE, THAT THE SPANISH PEOPLE, THAT THE ITALIAN PEOPLE AND YES THE JAPANESE PEOPLE. waged again Jews, Chinese (remember Japan attacked China and also were prejudiced against their Asian neighbors) and a host of “Others”.

And how can I say that, because sociology and psychology and political science and history substantiates it.

Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and some of the worst sins in his Biblical era, was prejudice against the “others”, tribes of Jews, Egyptians etc etc etc.

That is why the Golden Rule is there, love your neighbors as yourself…that is not some phrase from on high, that is what all human beings should live by.

The murderer in Georgia killed people. And he did so in a culture that is angry at Chinese. That is all we need say about his motives…

As if the act of violence is not enough, now we see it is a hate crime that a police officer shrugs off as “having a bad day”…so you can kill groups you hate and claim insanity (just having a bad day).

And that my friends is yet one more “Dog Whistle”. And that is racism and prejudice with fascism rooting it all on!



Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.

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Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.