The Article about the Demise of California’s High Speed Rail: From the Bunker

“ High-speed rail project still alive, but its future is deeply uncertain”……

Ok, keep this article about how the only high speed railroad in America was destroyed the “The Chosen”; preserve it someplace give it to your children to put in their memory box…Of course they do not have a memory box. Dead children do not have memory boxes!

It is twenty years, as thousands died of starvation due to the oil run out, there are few left to read this….

Stupidity absolute stupidity! There is absolutely NO excuse for this.

Doesn’t matter, it’s over!

In 2040 oil has mostly run out, climate change is raging, America is in the throes of dictatorship, ruled by a small plutocratic class, who twenty years before were supported in their ascendency by The LeaderTrump, the title we were all forced to used after the 2020 election that was suspended due to a national emergency. We never could figure out what that was, except that Trump was massively behind in the polls.

The digital economy of the Bay Area collapsed because of a lack of manpower. Workers from the Valley could not afford the gas prices that made trillionaires out of Exxon and Shell CEOs. The wildfires destroyed the Oakland Hills, and the major earthquakes in both Southern and Northern California caused by the desperate fracking to get every last drop of oil, reduced California to a third rate back water.

The United States suffers through a decades long Depression thanks to a Federal Government that long ago abolished Medicare, Medicaid, and all assistance to the 40% unemployment rate, that they just blamed on the lazy.

The United States and Russia long ago entered into an alliance that abolished NATO, all efforts to stop global warming, and destroyed much of the third world poor nations with “ethnic cleansing”….

There certainly is no high speed rail. The auto manufacturers long ago were victorious and now electric cars move cars along the freeways at record speeds, used about by about 1% of the population.

The rest, why they are too busy begging and dying.

The rest, well they live in poverty, far from work of any kind, slowly starving in the “ethnic cleansing” that Trump, remember him, installed in 3rd term, having suspended the 2024 election due to a national emergency.

So the high speed rail: the tracks were dug up to plant bio mass that the elite of Exxon promised would replace the oil that ran out, and they never would explain why. In 2030 it the oil prices went up, in what was called by Exxon and the oil manufacturers, a temporary inflation blip.

Inflation was a 40% at the time, due to a federal deficit of 50 trillion dollars. And from 2030 to 2040 oil was 50 dollars a gallon.

Finally in 2041, the 100 year centennial of WWII, which was banned by the only political party left in America in Russian in finally in the world, a great tragedy for the “chosen”…So WWII’s history was re-written declaring that Hitler was a wise and gifted leader that the chosen finally learned to emulate, under the guidance of the Herr Leader Trump.

They never explained why the public was not informed that the gas was running out.

They, the chosen, live in their gated communities, with the Army to protect them, as the poor get what they deserved for “being lazy”.

The Chosen were a defined class of “geniuses and the gifted” who deserved to live in luxury…..

Eugenics was resurrected from the dust heap of history and led by Trump in the last years of his Presidency, as he lie dying of Alzheimer’s that we discovered he had manifested in 2019, established a federal bureau that “proved” that certain races were in fact inferior and Hitler, who was made a national hero and “one of the greatest misunderstood leaders in history” as stated by the Great Leader Trump in 2021 at his Inaugural.

The underground, which is dwindling, had for years argued that Trump was crazy, with a brain ravaged by Alzheimer’s, that was being treated with a new drug. This drug did slow the disease but a side effect was an immense increase in narcissism and paranoia.

Trump finally died, but there were hundreds to take his place. Ann Coulter was President for one term, then those were eliminated, and a committee of 5 as we call them, was selected with no election to rule both Russia and America, the rest of the world having been destroyed in the nuclear “ethnic cleansing” of 2032.

The future, in an old news article that were discovered in the ruins of San Jose, talked about the high speed rail being “deeply uncertain”. It’s demise was touted as the first victory in the master race winning America at first.

Strange, because now mankind’s existence on earth is “deeply uncertain”.

Of course I am writing this in a bunker, in what we think is the outpost of free thought in America.

Signing off………..

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.