“President Trump’s refusal to step up left Americans desperate for someone — anyone — to play the hero. So for a time, many selected governors such as Cuomo and Newsom to take that role. But the masks came off over this past week: We’re all just muddling through, trying to do our best, even as the virus surges once again. This Thanksgiving, Cuomo and Newsom should dine on some humble pie and admit that even they don’t have all the answers.”

What is really difficult to swallow is the idea of scale of damage is ignored when a pundit, like the one above, stirs up dissent with nit picking “gotchas”.

I call it minimalism…We are still getting it, with a pandemic killing hundreds of people a day and worse.

Yesterday, a delivery man explained to me (both of us were socially distanced AND wearing a mask), he looked me straight in the face and said, “Well, many of the of pandemic virus’ deaths are mis counted, most of them are deaths for other reasons”.

Now in the beginning of the pandemic I could see this, but not after months of being under siege with hospitals perfecting the “cause of death”.

I call this minimalism.

Trumpsters love this…their entire view of the pandemic is that is was and is a liberal plot to take the White House from their leader. So they have minimized the virus to something can be “willed away”…”you know the deaths are not that bad”……”as many die of flu every year” etc. etc.

I have lost some friendships over this craziness…that somehow think that wearing a mask is a give in to tyranny; spoken by Republicans, who seem. intent on trying every trick to take over the Presidency with a barrage of efforts to reverse what was a free and fair election. Now THAT is tyranny straight up!

As I have previously stated many times, what we are witnessing is fascist behavior…willing to destroy democracy for power.

There is no minimal effects of the pandemic: the danger and damage of the disease is ongoing and expanding.

The President got it, his wife, his youngest son and now his oldest son.

And of course, they got first rate care; even using drugs that were not CDE accepted until after the fact.


What we are seeing is elitist white leaders who use the best medical care on the planet, then turn around and deny and deny the pandemic that is raging. What we are seeing is genocide via pandemic!

It has been used before…the Black Plague for example killed the poor more than the rich, the Spanish flu same thing….RICH PEOPLE HAVE GREAT HEALTH CARE AND DON’T DIE FROM PANDEMICS!

And the middle class doesn’t get it…they don’t…they minimize the pandemic, they minimize the harm simply because it afflicts the working poor the worst, because they have to work in dangerous virus jobs

Tragically, this minimizing has racism written all over it. Poor people of color do not get quality health care. The numbers do not lie, this is a devastating disease for millions of poor people world wide…there is no minimizing it…and we don’t still have a vaccine, which will not be effective in stopping the pandemic until we get herd immunity..and that means a high percentage of citizens will get and take the vaccine….that will take a year at least…

One last thing….if you get a pandemic test, that means you don’t have the virus until you walk or drive away from the testing site…the minute you encounter another human being, you are exposed again.

The minimizers seem to think this is a green light to take that trip, or go visit grandma….it isn’t.

The only way we get herd immunity is by wearing masks, avoiding crowded conditions inside and outside, and practicing good pandemic hygiene; wash your hands, and wear a mask.

That, and a huge death toll relative to population, is what stopped the Spanish Flu in 1919–1920.

If the virus runs out of victims it dies. It is simple as that..And we know how to get it to run out of victims…isolate those who are sick, have widespread tracing and quarantining and follow the rules!

The last thing: the bicycles….For some reason those who are running and riding bikes for transportation minimize the threat not wearing masks pose for them and others….Going fifteen miles an hour and breathing hard, running or biking, poses a risk.

Talking and breathing causes super spreads of the virus, inside and to some extent outside.

And we cannot will the damned thing away…We continue on a treadmill to nowhere, believing the liars, those who make up stuff to minimize a human disaster.

But that is minimized because, well I’m outside; or a host of other empty promises and excuses.

It is true that this is not as bad as being inside without a mask, but it is a signal to everyone that it’s ok to not wear a mask, when you are riding or running for exercise.

That has morphed into the “virus is over”, or “the death toll is wrong” or only “pre-existing people die”.

You get the drift…

And all of it…I mean all of it, only perpetuates the pandemic that has so dramatically effected our lives.

The only way to stop it, is to wear masks, use extreme social distancing, stop listening to minimizers and act like a responsible citizen.

Yes Newsom screwed up, but you do it every day, breaking a rule figuring well, it is no big deal.

Newsom has apologized…has Trump apologized?


Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.