“Other experts say racial and diversity awareness trainings are essential steps in helping rectify the pervasive racial inequities in American society, including those perpetuated by the federal government. Several studies have found federal contracts are disproportionately awarded to white-owned businesses. In 2017, a study by the Minority Business Development Agency found a dwindling over two decades in contracts for minority-owned businesses, according to NPR.”

And Trump wants to end diversity awareness training. That means he would, if he could, end Sacramento State’s diversity department, along with every other college in the country…

If this doesn’t prove that this person is a racist I don’t know what is?

I teach a course called “Racism and Prejudice” in a continuing education class through CSU Sacramento. The program is called Renaissance and is very popular in the Sacramento area.

The most common comment I get when teaching about the need for diversity, for caring for one another, is: I never learned about this when I was in high school and college.

That is because in the 1960s, American finally woke up to the FACT that history was being taught from an ethnocentric perspective that ignored, or taught inaccurately slavery, the genocide of Native Americans, the “Exclusion Acts” and on and on. Many of my students were out of school, or were on the fringe of diversity education in the 1960s!

I teach the truth..and it appears that predictably, for one racist, there is an attack on the truth endorsed by the racist President!

This has happened before. America finally stood ready to accept the FACT that racism and prejudice and downright fascist terrorism had existed and did exist in the United States….and during the 60s classes like African History, Chinese History, and Native American History were finally included in the curriculum.

Racists call these classes unAmerican..they see them as divisive. They ignore that the true divisiveness is repressing historical truth. White Supremacy fears the truth!

For example, slavery caused the Civil War. It did! The South propagandized the nation for almost 100 years that the Civil War was over secession, states rights to secede from the union.

Secession is expressly forbidden in the Constitution. The South in fact committed widespread treason and should have been treated accordingly.

All the leaders should have been executed (treason is a capital offense in the Constitution), but Lincoln wanted to heal the wounds.

He was assassinated by a southern traitor, with disastrous results.

Andrew Johnson, a drunk, became President and basically let the south back into the union with no recriminations and no plan to integrate freed slaves into the body politic. This resulted in a social and economic catastrophe that STILL negatively effects the United States.

Think not…we have the country falling apart around us, all traced immediately to racial relations, or lack of them.

And diversity training is essential to the healing that America just can’t seem capable of doing.

But Trump attacks diversity programs; at least one racist is not giving up without a fight.

We are right back to 1860…

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.