“Musk may defend his lenience toward hatefulness as a victory for free speech, but the question is: Free speech for whom? Those who have tried to craft effective online moderation policies do so because noxious and vicious attacks and invective don’t encourage more open discussion, but drive thoughtful participants out of the discussion.

Greg Beale
3 min readDec 17, 2022

If Musk continues down this road, Twitter won’t be a beacon of free speech, but a miasmic, malodorous swamp.”

……San Jose Mercury News

First of all Twitter always was a swamp. The whole idea was and is ridiculous for real communication of ideas, politics; etc. The idea of a few words and a picture of is anti education and against good sense.

First of all human beings are NOT simple creatures. We are educated often times for decades (lifelong learners) and have degrees, then we go into the society and try to improve things.

26 words won’t do that. Twitter evolved from the very beginnings of posting to bulletin boards.

That is post an idea or thought. This was not that long ago…I remember posting on “internet bulletin boards” a sentence or so.

The band width was only big enough to handle barely a paragraph. Again, Twitter could only handle 26 words per post…..

Twitter evolved from that. I get information about Stanford Football via Twitter…a picture, even a short video, and 26 words. The irony is videos can now be sent anywhere via the internet, but Twitter still requires only 26 words!

But we just had a President, who is a sociopath who used Twitter constantly as President!

He even was finally banned for January 6, and Musk basically used his billions to buy Twitter and give Trump back his account.

It was naked politics from one totalitarian to another.

Hitler did the same thing. He used the new medium of radio to spread his simplistic and highly effective propaganda. Hitler was not a scholar, but he was an ARTIST, and put tougher colorful art, using cartoons for racist and fascist effect. Walt Disney did the same thing, weaving racism into children’s cartoons. If you ever saw the cartoons that depicted African Americans as Crows you can see the less than subtle depictions of African Americans as stooges, and stupid. He even used African American speech for effect. It is classic stereotyping!

And people ate it up.

It is “in” to communicate via Twitter….or posting on Facebook a picture with a few words.

I have already warned you that my postings in Facebook were anything but brief; BECAUSE HUMAN BEINGS ARE COMPLEX CREATURES AND MULTI BILLION CULTURES ARE NOT SIMPLE.

Trump was famous for slogans, that he posted on Twitter. He did this on purpose, AND WAS COPYING THE PROPAGANDA MACHINE OF HITLER. Trump’s father was German and was very closely allied with the KKK, a fascist organization. Trump was and is an authoritarian fascist, who simplifies everything to suit his fascist goals.

Musk is also authoritarian and his actions so far with Twitter, are right out of the fascist plutocratic playbook.

This is not far from Putin, who destroyed the fledgling democracy in Russia and now is waging a war against Ukraine that is buttressed with “The Big Lie”; just as Goebbels did for Hitler.

All human beings are suckers for simple solutions to complex problems. The reaction to the pandemic is a good example. The reaction to covid was to make up things in the face of a killer virus and for sure discredit scientists who investigated the virus and in record time, due to their unbiased science, had a blueprint for stopping the virus. And what did Trump do: he called most of it a HOAX!

Conspiracy theories have literally enhanced and supported the spread of the virus! This was all part of the plan of plutocratic fascists, like Trump, who used the virus as a weapon against his enemies!

Studies show now, that Republicans led by Trump, actually quietly encouraged the virus to literally kill their political opponents: people of color. And Twitter was the medium they most used….

Democracies cannot exist if they allow simple solutions for complex problems. One party democracy is not going to work, and will lead us into disaster; it always has and will now.

So stop your association with Twitter, and if you use other social medial, like Facebook, who encourages long essays like this by the way….used it responsibly and with gusto.

Remember, mass industrialized countries are not simple political, economic and scientific things; there is nothing wrong with long analysis of our civilization….



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.