Labor is the New Victim of the Aristocracy of America

“ Ginsburg represented so much of what is good about our country in her tenacity, strength, and intelligence as she pioneered a path for women in law and tried to stay alive as a bulwark against exactly what we’re about to see. Mitch is a pioneer in nothing but dirty money politics. It’s sad that her seat is in his hands.” Sacramento Bee

This self assurance is simply white ECONOMIC supremacy…OH, that’s right, he is married to an Asian.

Here is a news scoop for you: Asians, African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, etc etc can be prejudiced and corrupt.

For some strange reason, it’s called racism, we tend to assume (bad idea) that because groups have been discriminated against they will be liberal pro-civil rights advocates.

This is why looking at the world using an approach of anthropology, sociology etc (science remember of human behavior) makes way more sense that racism.

Racism type casts the myriad of cultures into a skin tone…That over simplification is simply impossible to create any kind of government. It is a made up social thing, that is meant to do only one thing, reduce the world to a few rich and many poor.

Racism is fed by fascism and visa versa….They are twins of evil.

THAT is what awaits the United States if Trump is elected. In fact it is already here, in a pandemic approach that is quite simply genocide of poor people and the old.

Conservatives when cornered always say, indignantly, that they are NOT RACIST OR NOT FASCIST. But they are one thing for sure, Darwinism and Eugenics based on the “science” that people are like a herd of cattle, they need thinning out from time to time.

Listen to the conservatives, call them fascists, as they edge closer and closer to the “master race”…ie., the rich.

This is the same denial that segregationists used pre civil rights era…that they liked Blacks. and that slavery was not that bad, that Blacks were “comfortable” with segregation…that government intervention in “social issues” was unconstitutional and even un-Christian.

This lying led to a reign of terror in the south, segregation of housing in the north, and a perpetuation of basically a slave economy (of labor) for a hundred years. It’s called economic slavery.

The struggles of unions to bring a fair wage and fair benefits to an economy that grows even today with human rights and fairness; always taking a back seat to profit. Profit and only for a few is America…

So the economy continues to provide the wealth of Facebook to its founder and a few people and firmly concentrates money and power in the hands of a few.

Look at the Pandemic…meat packing plants were and are kept open because Americans can not live without them and their profits to a few. The economy MUST never be closed, the NFL has to play, because of the “bottom line”. The fact that the “workers” will die is inconsequential; the “bottom line” is everything…profit and a shrinking wealthy caste. More money in few hands.

That is America’s modern slavery, it is of labor, by a few autocrats who use racism and prejudice to keep the workers in line.

Every economic indicator sees a gross maldistribution of economic wealth just like the “robber barons” of the late 19th century. when way too few took rather than gave to a piggy bank of United States wealth.

It is exactly the same thing as slave days, the economy wins out always versus basic humanity.

And the economy benefits a very small number of people; the rest work for nothing or practically nothing.

Look at today’s economy…Families where both parents work all the time, where children are ignored because there is no child care and every day it just gets worse; leading to the inevitable; homelessness.

The United States was in a pandemic setting way before it got to the United States. The homeless camps told us that.

How did the aristocrats and their followers handle that inequitably?

They blamed the victims…saying things like, “It is a life style choice” or “they are homeless because of drugs” or “they are lazy”…

The stark fact that the economy no longer redistributes the enormous wealth to more people is lost in conservative propaganda; that sells the poor caste that its their fault, while getting a few richer and richer..

When Trump ridicules the poor, when he slams the “thugs” he is attacking he poor; the victims of his own plutocracy economy that only adds to HIS wealth…the losers he constantly talks about are the victims of the plutocracy that enriches HIM!

Proof? Trump will not divulge his tax returns because they will show how much he cheats to “win”…so do all of this plutocratic friends..they all cheat…and get ridiculously rich.

When we study slavery you ultimately run into an analysis that puts YOU as the target of a plutocracy that knows no bounds, that grows daily, that elected one of its worst examples of plutocracy, who is in bed with a Russian plutocrat, right now.

America is a caste system, with the rich CEO’s and the super white privileged firmly in control. And this system is growing into white society, rendering more and more homeless and poor regardless of their skin color.

It is called National Socialism, that never socializes any industry but it is totalitarian.

The SCOTUS lastest controversy will do this, it will once again show who is in control without a doubt: a “majority” of a few hundred people, who use their wealth to increase their power, while the rest of us, get nothing.

Ever wonder why they are obsessed to get rid of the ACA? It is this simple, huge medical insurance giants give millions of dollars to these corrupt tyrants so they can get back to the good old days, when with those with pre-existing conditions had to pay exorbitant premiums or go without..the good old days that enhances the pandemic every day in states that junked the ACA a long time ago..reducing Medicaid to zero.

It was “their fault” if they were poor or elderly.

Society is like nature, they say with no evidence whatsoever, it is the survival of the fittest and “we” (white privileged rich plutocrats) are the fittest. This is Eugenics big time.

Other cultures, that the plutocrats destroyed, respected he elders, distributed wealth more fairly within tribes…and were annihilated by the capitalist tyrants of the plains..Manifest Destiny was a huge cheat to steal land. If the tribes had been justly compensated for their land, the American Economic Miracle would never have happened!

Ask Trump, he tells us everyday…what he intends to do, add to the rich and kill the poor.

He is so sure of the lies that plutocrats have used for centuries, because it will still keep the working “stupid white people” at bay, no matter what…at his rallies he even says it….he knows he has centuries of labor exploitiation behind him.

And he exploited just sit there and take it, because Trump is promising that “those people” (of color) will continue to be a lower caste compared to those in his audiences.

Ever wonder why he insists that his audience not wearing masks; he is telling them they are expendable….and they don’t get it!

He is not rocking the boat, he is not draining the swamp, he is building a dam around the privilege that is becoming impenetrable.

The wall he is building is between the rich suburb and the middle city more than between the US and Mexico…

The evangelical fascists whose only aim in LIFE, with a Pandemic roaring, with homelessness out of control, with a huge economy that failed everytime to redistribute ANY WEALTH, gives the plutocracy full trust and power.

Pathetic! They know exactly what they are doing, and their “efforts” are lining their pockets.

So their interest groups, the open bribery of already super rich government “officials” goes on unabated. The FCCC has been defanged a long time ago.

That is why we have the horrible pandemic record, because there is no WE in the United States.

There is only the very rich. and very few…….ME!

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.