It Only Will Get Worse

Greg Beale
2 min readJun 5, 2024


In my teenage days, we would have spring football, in April, May and June. The days were nice, spring time and comfortable.

At Stanford we were usually in helmets and shorts (shoes of course) and we didn’t hit…just bump.

The weather was never an issue. In fact in May it actually was cold!

Then came the turn of the century, into the 2000’s and scientists began warning about global warming. The cause, CO2 spewed into the atmosphere by trains, planes truck and automobiles.

After WWII, the earth built bigger highways, more airplanes; etc.

In the United States, the Republicans (typically the party of big business) attacked any conversations about climate change.

Of late, Trump has promised to banish the words climate change as a hoax.

And the 100 plus spring days, and fall days for that matter, only keeps growing.

Right now it is June 5 in Sacramento California and the temperature is about to 100 plus. This is the new normal! Homeless are dying!

I went for my usual walk, and was sweating after 10 minutes. Heat advisement is in the television and in the Internet, as warning. I don’t remember ANY climate warnings until I was 40!

My brother said the following to explain nature going crazy: “All I know is the wind that used to always come from west to east, is now blowing in from the east….from Nevada to California….

The climate has gone upside down.

So what does Trump say lately, he says to ignore the climate change, to “use all the oil and gasoline you want”, as if there is no danger.

It is the same position Trump used during the dark days of his presidency, when he claimed that Covet was a “hoax”, or caused by Chinese, etc., etc.

Republicans literally died, ignored wearing masks and getting shots…while Trump continued his madness….

The Pandemic finally was abetted when President Biden made inoculations for Covid free.

We still are not out of the danger, but all information says that Covid is at least slowing down..

And what does Trump say, why what is good for big business is good for the country…Make America Great Again….by buying as many cars that uses all the gasoline and diesel it can!

What is good for business is good for the country?!

Trump mocks those who believe in climate change, as temperatures in Sacramento rises to 100 plus in early June!

Trump lives to see other die! We follow him at our own peril…

Climate change is on us, and earlier than we thought.

So bitch about high gas prices, refuse to use public transportation, refuse the bullet train (still stalled in the Sac Joaquin Valley)……etc.

Our children will suffer at the hands of big business again led by the fascist Trump…and by a Republican whore house that have sold themselves to Big Oil!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.