“It is Nicholas Eberstadt, though — in his essay “Revitalizing America: The Arithmetic of Social and Economic Reform” — who delivers the first knockdown in a book full of them. Which brings us to that arresting statistic: 3 out of 8 American homes are rentals, Eberstadt relays, and “an astonishing half of all female-headed renter families reportedly had barely $2,000 in net worth in 2019.” Total.” Sacramento Bee

Greg Beale
4 min readNov 24, 2022

As we go to our Thanksgiving Dinner, driving and looking the other way, from the countless homeless people begging on the street corner, we thank our maker for our good fortune.

Then we look away or maybe give the beggar 5 bucks and then drive off in our Tesla or Mercedes.

Property: He/she who owns property can either rent it and create even more wealth for oneself, or sit on it, take out loans on it, and then bequeath it to our kids, who can do the whole thing all over again….

Most of the time the beneficiary of white property privilege, will simply rent out the property, help pay for their home, or homes, and become a landlord. In California your peers many years ago voted for Prop 13, that grandfathers in beneficiaries of estate frozen property tax levels, paying at a level from 1950. That’s right inherited lower property tax levels which only cements into law white privilege!

In short, the rental game is fixed for white people. Native Americans used to own the whole continent, but it was stolen, and then its former owners put into concentration camps: reservations. African Americans who got emancipated with absolutely no help to assimilate into free society….none…Reconstruction was a bust, resulting in white men in white robes, resulting in killing teenagers for whistling!

Those Native People, who get off the reservation most times cannot join into the white privilege money maker that is a private home or homes, white people own all the land.

And today we all give Thanks for our largesse, for our hard work (?).

More like our steal! It always amazes me how white privilege can simply ignore all of these unfair benefits, except at Thanksgiving?!

African Americans: They work in sometimes five jobs, many times a single parent, to pay the rent and raise the children. We read with quiet disdain as our African American citizens never catch up from the racism that leaves millions on the edge of losing the rental that keeps them off the streets. Then we blame the victims, like Trump did when he ranted about immigrants who raped and stole but sometimes were good people…Yeah right?!

The successes of Civil Rights has changed laws but hardly touched Red Zones that make sure that inherited wealth, that the white middle caste enjoys, is almost never passed down to people of color.

Post war America had a veteran’s benefit of lower mortgage rates as a huge financial advantage thank you to the greatest generation who won WWII and destroyed fascism.

Black and Brown veterans were often left out of HUD as real estate agents convinced themselves that people of color would drop home values, Red Lining, cutting into their 5% for selling a home, when many times all they did was put the sign up in a suburban new home development…I mean anybody can sell a house when thousands are looking for them.

Blacks and brown people need not apply. If they did apply they were steered away from the better white homes and into rentals. The reason was a person of color would lower home values; yet another white privilege ploy!

An explosion of home ownership ensued, whole forests cut down enabling global warming, to feed the thirst of the new white middle class. Most of us are children of that caste, not class. A class can be approved upon, upward mobility. A caste is for life like India…Being black or brown in America is a caste! White privilege is a caste!

The Depression was definitely over for white people by 1945, not so for those other castes, whose plight actually got worse, as the Great Migration made people of color flock to the north and west coast, filling up the ghettos in the middle of growing cities like L.A. or San Francisco…Sacramento grew that way with Del Paso Heights, the Pocket; etc.

Now another truth that conservatives deny, that home and rent costs are creating millions of homeless or prospective homeless who live in overpriced apartment rentals, literally kept from homelessness from month to month. Families live in fear of the landlord, who has long waiting lines to rent from month to month run down shit hole apartments that are vastly overpriced.

Landlords get rich, the poor get the streets…

That is the America we all give thanks for. Today white citizens will meet with their relatives, to listen and bite their lips, as the right wing Uncle goes off on the homeless who are simply “life style choosers”..The white middle caste is famous for its lies of opportunity, knowing full well that the race for plenty (Thanksgiving) is rationed for mostly whites only!

The poor caste, and it is huge and diverse, is NOT a life style choice; it is not a result of laziness, it is not anything but racism and prejudice winning and creating a vast under deserving American white caste.

Happy Thanksgiving?!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.