They broke the Clinton’s magic. They rose up and defeated a Democrat who was stupendously better qualified to be President because they believed in Trump…

After all he promised to “drain the swamp”…Except he didn’t.

Troublesome hints of where Trump was really going with MAGA showed up in an early merciless attack on immigrants, locking children up separate from their parents, then expelling the parents and leaving orphans. It was obvious with little cover up that Trump was a white supremacists.

Articles in the Press, that Trump early on called “Fake News” showed up, troublesome in that they always seemed to support the rich and nary a word for there rest of us. But Trump barely hid his hatred of poor WHITE people…he mocked them openly making no secret that he was rich and intended to serve their interests.

So the affluent got more affluent…ie., the rich got richer and the poor poorer!

And the rallies, the constant rallies, where he attacked the very people that were sitting in the audience. He held rallies in the midst of a killer pandemic and ironically (sure it was on purpose) killed a presidential rival who just happened to be black.

The fact that the pandemic hit poor people of color more than white people was not lost on Tump…His disregard of any mitigation against the virus resulted in a sly genocide that was intended to swing the 2000 election.

This miscalculation resulted in a record voter turn out due to the pandemic that cost Trump re-election (so far)…

His biggest accomplishment was in dismantling as fast as he could the “safety net” that supported the needs of most of his poor white followers.

Now, in a immature fit of revenge, he refuses to sign a pandemic relief bill that will destroy many of his followers….plus he vetoed a Christmas bill to ease the pain for veterans and active duty military…

Now comes the tyrannical vindictiveness in him that assaults his imagined rivals…the meanness that has characterized him to the point where you can count his real friends on one hand.

Yet still they adore him, they worship him..feeding a mentally ill President.

It is pathetic. I have warned many times that the ex-Democrats, who left the party for one reason, the southern strategy, are his biggest supporters.

This Nixon con threw all African Americans under the bus and saw the Party of Lincoln moving into the segregationists hands. Suddenly, I mean in a decade, the Lincoln Republicans began accepting former segregationist Democrats into the fold of plutocratic authoritarianism.

Then the Democrats did the unthinkable…they elected a Black Man as President.

And they figured it out, just like the segregationist Dixiecrats who preceding them, that anything, any political position any economic cheat and harm to regular middle class people was worth it if only they could keep Blacks in their place.

It always has been about race!

We saw Georgia, Alabama, etc go into the Red States category, resulting in minority popular vote Republicans winning the electoral college but not the popular vote two times in twenty years…

This rarity opened up more gerrymandering as the conservative Supreme Court gutted the voting rights act; leaving Trump to actually utter these words, “The Republicans will never elect another President unless they suppress the vote”. That burst of candor was then followed by a full on assault on the legitimate election of 2020!

MLK and other martyrs sacrificed their lives for the Voting Rights Act. Now, once again, southern and border states used gerrymandering AND voter suppression to win multiple elections, local, state and federal.

It is a typical case of tyranny by the minority.

The sold south has risen again, including prior Confederacy States AND northern states who had been harmed by the change in the world economy.

Post WWII rebuilding had created a huge opponent in the global economy whose plants were more advanced and who did not pay their workers like the Americans did.

The post WWII expansion of the middle class ended with the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, a particular mean spirited man, who was an actor and fooled millions into following him, actually voting against their self interests.

Liberals watched in horror as one after another plant closed, FDR’s New Deal was attacked savagely by plutocrats masquerading as “middle class champions”.

Meanwhile they did as the business wing of the Republican Party had done for decades, declare war on the working man, scheming to end social security; killing unions; reducing whole sectors of the economy to minimum wage with no benefits…in short a slave economy aimed at both poor blacks AND poor whites.

And in Trump they had the perfect Reagan like character, all show and no substance, who was ruthless in continuing to destroy the middle class.

The middle class abandoned the Democratic Party in droves, because they bought the lies, the absolute falsehoods of their real aim, increase their share of American prosperity to 100%.

The Great Depression, that was caused by rampant irresponsible hoarding of wealth by a few was recreated in the Great Recession caused by an idiotic tax cut that drove interest rates up and gutted the housing market with one foreclosure after another.

This got Obama elected, which if course was EXACTLY WHAT REPUBLICAN SEGREGATIONISTS WANTED.

The brush with freedom and justice ran right into Mitch McConnells of conservatives who famously wished to make Obama a one term President no matter what he did pro or con. Obama was a gift to racist segregationists who would do anything to return America to the good ole days of segregation.

And the American People, now fooled beyond all reason, angry about the recession that had was a direct product of Republican greed for yet more wealth for the few, voted Red over and over again.

Since the conservatives had long ago morphed into plutocratic hot beds of fascism, it was not hard to convince them that making the top 1% ridiculously rich was in the best interests of lower middle class people.

Trump fit the need for a con man, who could continue selling the lie that he was for the “middle class” when in fact the Republicans were now a party like the Dixiecrats, secretly beholding to racist principles that put the white supremacy agenda as THE agenda of the Republican Party.

The Democrats, now became the party of color and of women and homosexual rights. And this is NOT what the evangelical Republican members could tolerate. The rights of the unborn were more important to bible thumpers than the civil rights of mankind.

After all, throwing democracy under the bus was a price to be paid to end women’s rights to their own bodies.

It resembles the Eugenia movement that postulated a master race could be created if you simply killed off “the under caste”.

And in Trump they had the perfect soulless racist who would stop at nothing to re-establish racism and prejudice back to segregation times. He did that as a white guy from New York, whose father as a real estate mogul had broken laws all the time in segregating New York City more than ever before.

The “Uncle Toms” who had plagued the civil rights movement led just enough credibility to conservatives that even some African Americans and Latinos bought into it: Remember the Latin American community is a heavily caste system arranged by color of skin: in short the more white Spanish you have in you the more status you have.

In short, the Republican Party, who could not shake for decades the blame (that they richly deserved) for the Great Depression, finally were able to shake the skepticism of the poor white middle class.

Reagan actually did that, followed by the Bushes and finally by the authoritarian Trump; a constant momentum by a nation that leans toward fascism. Hitler famously said that America would be any easy conquest because fascism (the KKK another other hate groups) was so prominent in the 1930s. He was right!

So now we have an election in crisis, because a pandemic gave just enough need for mail in ballots that the predictable voter suppression did not work.

Trump even said that over an over again; in his whining about the “cheat”…

The cheat was about 1972 to present, that saw minority voting rights and people voting against their self interest at record highs. the cheat was convincing the middle class whites that justices for “blacks” was injustice to their interests.

In fact the economic truth is just the opposite…A rising tide of justice will float all boats, not just African Americans.

Think not, look how the conservatives fight unions, how they oppose any tax on their income, how they fight to keep the minimum wage down, how they attack teacher unions; etc…etc…

Good New Dealers were dying off, followed by their children and grandchildren who would rather than be poor than admit to any help for their black brothers and sisters.

Trump early on showed his racist colors with the Birther Con, a ludicrous lie that he used as a Segway into the Presidency.

And now we are left with a ruined democracy, with a pandemic that is ravaging the economy and the people with a liar who is daring to call martial law to ruin our democracy.

And still they wear their god damned MAGA hat and deny their racist intentions.

And who suffers? The very people who elected him and won’t see that the emperor not only has no clothes on he has no soul either!





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Greg Beale

Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.