Good ole Republicans Wrong Again About School’s Reopening!

And Republicans seeing an opportunity, they are gutter opportunists, now push hard for schools to open.

At least five times in this horrible year, Republicans have pushed hard to open up the economy and schools and each time there was a surge. Now 1/2 million dead and no end in sight!

Each time millions of deaths and more suffering.

And the plutocrats who are behind the whole open it up from business and churches, are opposing anti-virus decisions because they are losing money period. They have been trained to go by the bottom line, no matter who it hurts. And the collection plate beats common sense!

Every recession we have endured hit the poor and middle class, and the patricians blamed who, the poor and middle class?

They are trained to promote a high productivity number; which translates to how many widgets a worker can produce. The more one worker can produce the higher the productivity number and the higher the profit. A car for example can be assembled now almost completely without a human hand touching it…this cuts your cost for labor to almost nothing and drives your productively through the roof.

And that means more money for the plutocracy, less for the democracy!

The problem is people lose their jobs from this; and plutocrats don’t give a damn…they are getting ridiculous rich!

Why, because they have the process fixed…they fell in love with robot technology a long time ago, that really is the reason for Trump’s army being so pissed off. The conservative politic is directly responsible for the emasculated middle class in America but have lied and twist reality so much (Fox News) that most middle class disenfranchised workers blame the Democrats and social programs that are trying to help the displaced and poor.

It was Trump and his billionaire friends who drove up productively with robots and with foreign labor and put millions of Americans out of work. It was not the pandemic that did that, nor was it liberal programs like day care, or Medicare for all…those all were adaptations to an economy that plutocrats invented! The Republicans much hard for productivity while attacking attempts to help the middle class adapt through education, child care and yes education!

Variants are normal for viruses…that usually resolves in a booster shot with the flu for example.

But a pandemic is NOT the flu. And here we go again, pushing politicians to prematurely open up, especially when you can gain political points.

California is being pushed to recall a governor, mostly because he has refused to go along with wack nut right wing small business owners who are desperate to open. But you watch, if a robot can are the place of barber plutocrats will adopt it.

They even are pushing driverless cars…

But they have never realistically looked at other ways that work and maintain jobs. Restaurants have done that with pick up, delivery or take out modalities allowing them to stay open. A waitress now is a delivery person…

Many other businesses models had adopted virtual approaches years ago….it unfortunately is why so many face to face workers were thrown out of work BEFORE the pandemic…remember the typing pool, with dozens of workers typing memos all day long.they have been displaced by one computer and input specialist…40 to 1 ratio and the productivity is at least the same or better.

It is not coincidence that Republicans aim to disrupt and destroy are products of anger of their base, BECAUSE THAT BASE LOST THEIR JOBS BECAUSE OF THE WORLD WIDE DIGITAL ECONOMY. And the culprits were Republicans who view profit as the holy grail….

I am typing this to you with an Ipad and a Targus keyboard through Facebook, have got my digital morning news for two decades! I teach with Zoom now to seniors in Renaissance….they learn at home…I haven’t been in a classroom for a year and 1/2…

We have hundreds of channels on our cable TV system along with streaming that has almost every Hollywood movie on it…We can be “entertained” all day, or educated, TED talks are part of our package with Xfinity. In short, the old TV, that carried just entertainment now carried physical fitness, education, even You Tube that carries well…Everything!

We have workout apps for our exercise, along with a stationary bike that keeps track of out workout with a computer.

Get the drift!

But schools are different. Because of plutocratic economy, with so much of the resources of the economy centralized on a few, both parents have to work. This causes a childcare crisis even BEFORE the Pandemic. The United States is the only mass industrialized state that refuses to have a state run day care system. And the agony of the middle class only intensifies, with Republican politicians like Trump, a plutocrats’ hero benefiting through middle class misery!

Democrats used to be the Party of Ordinary People, Republicans never were that party but NOW pretend to be and fool the middle class with racism!

That’s right racism…when in doubt blame the victim, and so the poor of color are the reason why the middle class has declined…In fact, it was the plutocrats who led that development and the vast majority of them are guess who?

The Republicans!

Both parents have to work, because housing is too high, along with suburban living, that puts people dozens of miles away from the city center; making checking on the children if they can be left at home, impossible…

It’s child care stupid!

Schools are now day care centers, often staying open late in the day to basically baby sit children. Schools were never meant to be day care, but in the Ole Days Mom stayed home..that is financially impossible today!

So the conservatives, seeing an opening, get into the demand approach, doing everything they can to “open up”….with 1/2 millions dead as a consequence.

Variants are being found all over the place, which could lessen the vaccines AND at least one is more deadly.

Remember the same party that caused January 6, is now trying you to. recall a California governor because he has not caved into “open up” grandstanding.

The countries that have done better with this pandemic and saved lives, are countries who have not tried to open up too soon: every one of them. Discipline and teamwork have resulted in blunting the effect of the pandemic WITHOUT A VACCINE!

The United States have never blunted the spread…why?

Because we had a President that refused to wear a mask, who had political rallies all over the place that killed thousands, who called the pandemic a hoax, who lied and lied and lied again supporting the screams that were manufactured by his base, for opening up.

And each time more people died.

Why do we listen to liars? Why do we adopt conspiracy theories when EVERYONE of them has proven false. How can we trust a party that caused January 6!

The biggest one was “the steal” with Trump almost taking over the Congress and the country with his fascist friends. The “steal” was a hoax perpetrated by a plutocrat for personal gain; SOUND FAMILIAR?

And still we listen to calls to open up for schools, we blame the victims of plutocracy rather than the plutocracy!

It is Trump and his fellow fascist plutocrats who have screwed up the economy and screwed he middle class!

By the time we open up the school year will be over! The kids missed a year basically of school…But most didn’t!

Most had distance learning, and a nation with a technology for all but the poor, at a high level. The older the child gets, like seven, the easily adapt to virtual learning…Ever watch a typical seven year old? Usually today that have a cell phone and are communicating all day long, or using an app to do their geometry ON A CELL PHONE!

Kids use IPads like we used to use transistor radios. They have educational alternatives that many, before the pandemic, used as their main educational choice: I do WASC Accreditations, many cities have dozens of non-site based Charters, that offer stay at home digital assisted learning, coupled with a paltry one hour a week visit (it is called Independent Study) and curriculums are already being used that have been in use for years, improving all the time.

Zoom is a medium that keeps workers working, but not in a virus infected workplace, at home instead. This modality saves the day care problem IF MOM AN STAY HOME! So we again are trapped in the day care political mess that has refused to give any relief to middle class families.

Look at the record…Which party is pushing for day care by government?

The Democrats of course!

We have the technology, that many youngsters ranging from about 7 to 100, have used technology for education for decades…

It has its drawbacks, but it also barely works except for primary and pre-school. Those areas need more face to face instruction, and fortunately young children do not seem to carry the virus as much. Day care needs to be bolstered which gets us back to the Republican resistance to government offered day care…Again every other modern state has day care for all!

So many school districts have gone virtual for grades 3 up…and it works.

So where is the beef?

It’s a slime ball effort by Republicans to gain politely power after they sponsored the attacks of January 6….remember they did what they did. Their only motive is more money for them, not what is good for the middle class!

How on earth can there be followers of a party that has been wrong every single time through this horrible time?

Leave the schools be, let them do the best they can and keep all of us safe…DO NOT OPEN UP UNTIL AUGUST WITH THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR! We will know a whole lot more about the variants then and vaccines can be adjusted accordingly.

And the idiot Republicans will oppose …..of course…that they oppose everything…

Ever wonder if they might be wrong…ALL THE TIME!



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Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.