“German authorities carried out the biggest-ever raid targeting right-wing extremists, saying a nationwide operation thwarted a domestic terrorist group planning to violently overthrow the government.

Greg Beale
2 min readDec 8, 2022

More than 3,000 German law-enforcement officers participated in the property search across at least seven of the country’s 16 states early on Wednesday. Twenty-five people were taken into custody, including a ring-leader nobleman and a former lawmaker with the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany. Others are former military personnel.”

Sac Bee

I have written about this before. The German Government is very aggressive in stamping out right wing movements. This time there was a coup planning to basically repeat 1919, when Hitler and his small Nazi Party attempted a take over. It failed then, momentarily, because the Weimar government moved quickly and put Hitler in jail. They also shot several ringleaders…

And then a short two years later they let him loose. The Weimar Republican felt it could tolerate the right wing movement….the Versailles Treaty and the inflation of the 1920s in Germany proved them tragically wrong. 55 million people paid with their lives for this idiotic tolerance.

The same thing happened January 6. A takeover of the government was attempted by Trump led right wing radical groups. This time the lessons of the Weimar Republic were not followed. Stupidly tolerance right now is the norm, looking the other way, away from what was a violent attempt to take over the Congress of the United States.

We have Germany to model. History is right in front of us, and like the Weimar Republic of 1920, we are really doing nothing. This is a tragic mistake….

The January 6 committee will be disbanded soon, because foolishly the American Public allowed the Republican Party who won the House of Representatives, to basically morph into a fascist movement. Now, the SCOTUS is hearing a case that might allow state legislatures (many dominated by right wing Republicans) to change who is responsible for federal elections.

This is EXACTLY what Trump wanted when he tried to overthrow the government. And a Trump packed SCOTUS is poised to hand over our country to fascism…

And we sit on or hands and really do nothing. Trump should have been in jail a year and a half ago…

Fascists operate exactly like this. And we have an example to follow in what the German Government did in lightning speed to crush a right wing insurrection.

Fascists know this; they use the tolerance of democracies to overthrow them.

Wake up now!



Greg Beale

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