Eugenics and Holocaust

A long since past interesting and embarrassing part of world history: science that brought us the wonders of industrialization: cars, trains, planes, electricity, lights; etc…created a recklessness in people; that anything that was entertained as new, as “modern’ could do anything, (with little research of the implications) including creating a master race of mankind; next up the holocaust…

This with a superficial and very new view of eugenics; a science based on knowledge that was not yet even close to being completely researched; labeling people like you would fruit flies, with absolutely no scientific backup to speak of…except to a WWI veteran Austrian painter who was enraptured by Eugenics…

All of eugenics, all of it, has been disproven almost to its corrupt core.

Oh sure, the genocide of 6.5 millions and 55 millions dead in a 7 year period, leading into a nuclear war age that still plagues us, is another damnation of Eugenics, that nobody talks about.

Eugenics were very popular in two major countries: 1. Germany to “prove” Jews and others caused Germany to lose WWI. 2. Amerikkka who used Eugenics to “prove” that some races (there is no such thing) that people of color who were slaves and other people of color who where indigenous people: that all of these lower races could be enslaved and killed by the master race: Caucasians.

The driving force was progress, worshipped blind progress that trumps common sense. For example, the gasoline and diesel age, that started about 1920 and will use all of the earth’s resources, plus destroy the climate, by 2035…

In short, blind stupid worshipping of “progress” for progress sake is a lie and needs racial prejudice to continue the lie. Eugenics, a proven mistake in science, was used to justify plain old slavery and genocide. As it turned out, the people of color’s cultures had been vastly superior than European culture for hundreds of year: The Muslim World was far advanced even into the Renaissance.

Take the whales for another example of science and progress gone wrong…the first nighttime light came from whale blubber that could be distilled into a type of kerosene, In the late 19th century the thick black goo that had plagued farmers for years, suddenly could be distilled into kerosene that took the place of whale blubber (in 30 years the blubber and the whales were about gone). Note, in 30 years the blubber that was used for kerosene decline in quantity because all the whales were killed..

So gasoline and diesel was produced as a substitute, leading to a industrial giant economy that truly changed mankind progress and future.

But now changing the climate in light speed with horrible consequences…

Big oil, also led to the allies winning two world wars, and several smaller wars, that was capped off with the progressive invention of nuclear bombs and later missiles that today threaten the future of all mankind; we wait breathlessly to see what shoe drops over Ukraine.

Science still doesn’t have the roadmap of a living brain done; we still don’t know much of the human intellect.

We do know how to kill people by the millions.

We do know cultures and we do know the negative side to human behavior the goes back thousands of years; that is the banality of evil.

it is there that we need to pay attention to; realizing just how banal and quietly evil can move us….and that human history can prove again and again the savagery of mankind; witness Ukraine as we speak.

Christ saw it, Buddhists saw it, all worshipers of a supreme being or entity know it….that mankind has limitless capacity to do good and limitless capacity to do evil.

In our later years, I for one do NOT want to leave my grandchildren with a climate that no longer can sustain life, do NOT want to leave my grandchildren with a political world on the edge of destruction of everything,..


Here is the recording link and the pdf of Class 9…You can find this video on You tube, just type in Eugenics and a little search will get you to the video we almost finished today.

Peace…..Just Peace!

Link for Recording:



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Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.