Elders as Sacrifices to “Opening Up”

Greg Beale
5 min readApr 30, 2020

It all comes back to the banality of it all…the quiet unassuming evil that couches itself in excuses…”I really am not a racist but…… We never go into that part of town…..we wanted better schools for our children….some of my best friends are…..don’t call me a racist…..what do you mean I am prejudiced……we shoot first and ask questions later”

And on and on it goes.

Now, right now with the pandemic we get all sorts of minimizing arguments….like…more people die of automobile accidents, or cancer kills more…

Meanwhile the death toll for people of color and seniors ramps up every day…again proving the societal prejudices and their results.

Ageism is prejudice…putting grandma on the ice to die is genocide!

And we struggle with it…and some of you get very angry when I hit a “political nerve”.

Racism and prejudice in America cannot be taught without hitting political nerves.

The parties have divided once again about racism. This happened in 1860….it happened again in 1965. Today, the Republican Party is mostly white, anchored by the southern states once again, while the Democratic Party is diverse, anchored by large population states in ocean shores.

And the divide is killing the country once again.

And some of you complain about my politicizing racism?

It is politicized always. And the danger to the Republic is when racism divides us along party lines…

Then it gets ugly.

I would suggest that the politicizing of the pandemic, a very dangerous thing to do by the way, is like the ramp up to the Civil War.

Slavery, the ultimate racism, killed the middle of the road Whig Party (along with nativism) and Lincoln was elected by abolitionists causing the south to secede. Slavery caused the Civil War that killed over 600,000!

And the aftermath was a stalemate on racism and prejudice that saw the annihilation of Native Americans in a genocide and the ultimate prejudices against Asian Americans culminating in the concentration camps off 1941. And of course there was a national movement of the KKK….

Then, due to the Civil Rights movement, the Democratic Party of Roosevelt finally broke through and became the party of Lincoln

This political shift is critical is understanding where we are now, divided once again on almost everything, including a pandemic that adversely effects people of color more.

We read with disgust the ideas of right wingers that throwing elders (like us) under the bus and the unspoken addition of people of color…..is needed to “open up the economy”. We are compared to weak members of the herd…

Meanwhile the middle class is once again manipulated by lies…falsehoods about the severity of the killer virus…

In the Bay Area a planning commission member posted that sacrificing old people to the pandemics was “the way of the world” and essential to getting the economy going again. I wonder how his parents reacted to their son conspiring to kill them????

In true Eugenics Madness, and fascist logic, genocide by virus was presented as “the way things always are” comparing people to herds of cattle.

The survival of the fittest, harkens back to Eugenics that led up to the concentration camps madness of Hitler and ultimate a genocide of over 6 million innocent people. Don’t forget the 55,000,000 mostly civilians that also died…but remember , as many get killed by automobile accidents!???? This is the logic out there by impatient right wingers who are making killing grandma and grandpa a legitimate discussion!

Hitler installed a killing system that killed mentally retarded children to achieve a master race.

He died, along with a whole lot of other people, as the world killed the fascist movement in Japan and Germany.

Atomic Bombs were used because the Japanese were so brainwashed by racist fascist propaganda that they intended to send children with pitchforks agains the U.S. Army in an invasions that would kill millions.

It was the bad!

It is getting to be that bad here at home right now.

In a sense we seniors are like Anne Frank, hiding in our homes, hoping the fascists don’t come for us….since now we need to be culled from the herd.

I mean these conversations are being held right now…putting the economy ahead of people’s lives.

It is the same thing as what the Nazis did…it is the same thing that the Japanese Empire did when they invaded Southeast Asia and China…culling the Asian herd. Women and children were killed, women raped, by the Japanese Army that was motivated by racial superiority.

This is not happening by accident. It is being used on purpose for power through genocide again right here in the good ole USA.

Think not, look at Facebook, go to some right wing web sites…..there is a trade off going on, trading our lives for opening up the economy.

I argue with these “human beings” all the time…

You know what I do, if they are friends I tell them to go to hell and shun them…that’s right shun them.

But we are the still targets….and that gets real personal. Suddenly elders are put in the position of Jews. in Warsaw, being deliberately served up to a virus that kills so families can go to the movies again.

Not even two months of staying home has passed and most of the country is rushing to “open up” which will kill more seniors period.

I nerve thought I would be ramping up to the end of this class by writing the “lecture” you see above. But being in the victim position wakes you up real fast.

But it is what it is…and now it is up to us….the elders to stop it.

The sacrifice of people is evil…the banality of evil.

And as usual there is monetary motives as always. Fascism at its base ALWAYS is about money…always about power…never about what is best for people….

Remember, Nazis cut gold fillings out of their victims mouths for money…they even skinned people to make lampshades…as souvenirs…

Think not….look and you will see…….the banality of evil is all over the place.

And it is your next door neighbors Facebook Page!

And now …speak up…tell the crazy neighbor when they start minimizing the virus, when they shrug their shoulders and say, “it’s the way off the world” it is NOT THE WAY OF THE WORLD….

It is fascism pure and simple, excentuated by racism and prejudice…the same foe to humanity that existed from 1929 to 1945, when we had to literally kill fascists and destroy their cities completely to stop the MADNESSS.

Am I suggesting violence? Remember we are old ok………I am suggesting speaking up like the for the respect that the elders of Native American Culture still insist upon…We have been here longer…we remember the wars…we remember the violence….we remember the injustices…..we know more than ours children….they need our MORAL LEADERSHIP!

Stay safe…and speak up…use your elder power to continue the hard job of staying home…help you children economically until we can get through this…but do not buy the “cull the herd” lies that racists are perpetrating. And don’t buy the “it’s not that bad”…it is that bad.

I stopped one of them in his tracks, and their minimizing lies.

When I lost my wife to breast cancer in 1997…this was opening a “statistic”…42,000 women a year die of breast cancer…many more die of automobile accidents, flu, etc.

Sound familiar.? But the logic all falls apart, when I pointed out to my ex friend that one of those 42,000 was my wife.

And of course, seniors see more death, we have lived longer. And we have a closer reckoning with mortality.

We all have lost someone, friends, spouses etc. We know mortality. But we also have a role to play in the future and we should demand to be listened to, not sacrifficed!!!!!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.