Drive and Drive and Drive

A photo taken in Los Angeles showing an oil extraction in the middle of a park!

So now some Democrats running for state legislature seats have announced they are for the Initiative roll back of the 12 cent gas tax.

Republicans, who barely can elect a dog catcher to state office, have once again used the ONLY thing that gets them elected, cutting taxes.

Now they don’t tell you that the 12 cent a gallon increase to state gas taxes only brings the state gas tax up to where it should be with inflation. They don’t tell you that for a 10 gallon fill up this amounts to $1.20!

No, they use scare tactics to attract middle class workers, who foolishly moved to suburbs that are far from their jobs and count every penny because in spite of Trump’s tax cut (by the way everybody is getting a tax cut and now are being told to give themselves yet another one?) they cannot afford the new tax.

Fact: They can afford the new tax…the federal tax cut, which admittedly is not great for the middle class, far off sets the gas tax.

And the gas tax increase is desperately needed to fix California’s infrastructure. In fact, a phrase Republicans don’t understand, the gas tax also helps mass transportation; an almost non-existent thing in California.

You see California, as the “freeway heaven” of the 1960s, decided foolishly to junk much of its mass transit infrastructure.

And it has hardly built any for over fifty years.

This results in an unattractive mass transit “system” that only the poor and the homeless use.

So a typical suburbanite gets in his/her car, by themselves, and commutes an average of 80 miles a day with a car that gets 24 miles per gallon. That works out to 3.33 gallons every day, times 5, is 15 plus gallons a week time 52 is 780 gallons per year times a $.12 increase is $93.00 per year divided by 12 is $7.80 more a week! Really, you will ruin your world to save $7.80 (two six packs) a week!???

Republicans are trying to sell the public that this minuscule tax hike will bankrupt them?

What is REALLY going on is the oil and gas industry has floated this initiative because they will do anything to keep cars moving and selling gas.

Now the clincher, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF GAS!

Every wonder why pipelines are being built to ship tar sand sludge to market? This is the last of an oil era, the last bit of oil that can be extracted and is very expensive. So, these business geniuses, who I predict will be lynched in about another 50 years when an enraged public realize they where fooled, have it all worked out to increase profits any way they can. They do not care who gets hurt…..

That very much includes keeping people in the desperate and self destructive endless driving that goes on every day in every state of our union.

And Trump, who is in on it, continues to lie, to conspire with his Russian mobster sponsors (that is really what is going on by the way) to run the country into the ground and use up every last drop of gasoline by 2040!

That’s right 2040, about twenty years from now. Twenty years and we will begin to see ten dollar a gallon gas and that increase will be from supply and demand. And that will be it…in about five years it all will be gone…2045 will not be a good year!

We are running out of gas folks and our leaders are not mentioning it.

Every wonder what the reasons are for Trump jumping when Putin whispers, its the oil stupid!

Russia has some of the last reserves of sweet crude oil on the planet. Russian did not convert to an automobile society, neither did Europe by the way. Putin knows that Russian can last longer once the oil starts to really run out. And he knows that is a huge leverage in world politics.

Don’t believe it? Look at the mid-1970s. The Oil Embargo exposed the fact that the United States’ sweet crude oil reserves were beginning to dwindle (Peak Oil was reached a couple decades larger in 1998). That gave enormous leverage to Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern states, who were involved in a series of conflicts with Israel.

In retaliation for that, the Middle East Oil sheiks decided to embargo (with hold oil from the United States).

The gas lines started immediately. I remember waiting in line for hours to get five gallons of gas. We had just purchased a truck that got about 8 miles to the gallon, in those days people didn’t care about gas mileage, gas cost 25 cents a gallon! We sold the truck!

Suddenly the gas guzzler culture changed. And the mid-70s saw an explosion of tax cut mania, as a panicked citizenry voted for one tax cut after another, used by Republicans in response to the increase in gas prices that resulted from the embargo. People were convinced that it was the government’s fault that the Arabs embargoed the oil

The truth was WWII had rapidly depleted the United States’ oil reserves. The United States won WWII by mechanizing its Army, Navy and Air Force. Germany did not have oil, that is why they attacked Russia. Japan did not have oil, that is their motivation behind Pearl Harbor. The United States a lot of oil, hence the airplanes, ships and tanks and trucks that won the war!

The United States was in the midst of a rapid post war expansion of the economy and the completion of the interstate highway system and were driving all over the place. The rapid transit systems of the 50s were torn down, “see the USA in your Chevrolet” was the chant. People who before had always used the train to travel, switched to cars. And the passenger train service in America ended, especially in the west.

And then we ran out of gas from the oil embargo and we panicked, at it WAS USED BY REPUBLICANS TO END THE NEW DEAL.

Of course the shortage was short lived, the embargo was ended, more exploration found more oil, and the boom started all over again.

Hopelessly inadequate efforts were made to improve gas mileage, cars shrunk in size for a brief time, carburetors were replaced by fuel injection systems, lead was removed from gas because it had been killing people for years (especially in cities with children), and the environmental movement was half-heartedly started. But it all stopped short of renewing the mass transportation system of pre WWII America. Railroads floundered and in a final disastrous decision, Trucks took the place of trains to move freight.

Then fracking was discovered, that was able to get the up to 50% of an oil well’s oil that regular mining could not extract.

This was foolishly seen by he public as an oil glut, which it wasn’t. Peak oil predictions had always seen this oil as extractable, and based its oil run out predictions on it. In short, world oil reserves figured in the 50% of oil that fracking now could get but the predictions of when the world would run out of oil did NOT change.

Now that 50% is about gone, and its the tar sands, notoriously “dirty oil” with lots of impurities that have to be refined out at great cost. And THAT is all that is left, all, finished, done.

Even with the Arctic reserves, even with oil off shore, that is too dangerous to mine, but even with that, oil companies are quietly predicting a total use up of oil in 40 years!

That means the baby you just had, will be without any oil driven energy in 40 years……

40, four decades, 40 years….

Mass transit can be driven by electricity that we know can be driven by solar power and wind power. But it takes a lot of energy to move a train. And electricity will be needed in massive quantities to run air conditioning because of the fossil fuel driven climate change.

Plane travel will end.

Apocalypse! Probably. Why?

Because agriculture is tied hard to petroleum. Gas is used to plant crops, fertilizers are made from petroleum, crops are harvested with petroleum, gas runs the industry. And even if renewables can be used to grow and harvest crops, the cost will be prohibitive to feed the population in 40 years.

Massive starvation will occur, starting in about twenty years, 2038, as agriculture cannot get enough gasoline to feed everybody. The poor countries will die off first.

Global warming will demand huge increases in energy to run air conditioning that poor countries closer to the equator cannot afford.

Coal will be desperately used, but it too has about a 50 year run out, peak coal exists as well.

No coal, no petroleum…equals death.

And the massive migrations of desperate people will spark wars that will use up the remaining oil even faster.

So…..there is a hell of a lot more at stake when you, if you live in California, foolishly vote for the anti-tax initiative. Your children’s lives depend on a mass realization of the trouble humanity is in right now.

We face a future with global climate change coming at us from one direction and a run out of energy from the other.

Now, I mean right now if you google it, gas companies are saying that the peak oil predictions I have been talking about are no longer valid because, and this is business school types talking NOT scientists, “The advancements in renewable energy will reduce the demand for oil and lengthen the run out” or peak oil.

They admit the “run out” ,(no more gas) but they say somehow we will be able to delay it because we are switching to renewable energy.

Really? Have you seen any airplanes fly with solar power, I mean airliners? Won’t happen. Have you seen the public willing to put solar power on their houses, sure a small minority.

But its the lifestyles we have so stupidly adopted, that puts our homes sometimes hundreds of miles from our work, necessitating huge consumptions of gasoline, that is the our Achilles heal; that nothing can fix.

Society cannot spin on a dime and move back into the cities, in the limited time we have. I mean we would have to move millions back to the cities in twenty years..It will not happen, especially since we continue to elect deniers…we continue our infatuation with tax cutting Republicans who are the profiteers from this madness!

The problem is at the end, people will seek them out and kill them.

That’s right…when the Italians finally realized what Mussolini had done they found him, hung him, and left him dangling from a light pole.

Europe did not make our mistake; neither did Russian by the way. They will weather the apocalypse better, but they too will ultimately be engulfed. The United States will be done.

Why? Look at California….The United States’ most liberal state, is poised to vote for a tax cut of a tax that is a step in the right direction…and retarding a life saving shift to public transportation that we simply have to make NOW.

I call it the reckoning….and each of us is guilty of increasing the end of times chances by double digits every damn day we jump in our car and drive to work!

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State in Government. 36 years in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.