Greg Beale
2 min readMar 31, 2024

“I saw this Sacramento Bee article on the Sacramento Bee app and thought you’d be interested.

“US to improve tracking of political flashpoint: Diversity”

So now conservatives are upset in the realization of diversity and inclusion are somehow divisive.

For years white supremacy has reigns supreme in our country. Segregation still is practiced, illegal as it is, in many areas of the country. It isn’t just a southern states issue; never was,

What is also left out is inclusion; in short hiring everyone without discrimination. All of the laws that are passed cannot effect committees that hire…

I know, I was a Personnel Director for a School District. I watched as committee members never said anything, but rarely did a minority or a woman get an equal chance.

Trump has proved that discrimination based on sex, color and who to love, is the engine that runs his campaigns of hate.

There is not doubt that electing Obama set the fire of racism and prejudice. The present Vice President is a person of color, and a woman, causing conservatives to go nuts…..

And, conservatives are working hard to destroy the right to vote laws, attacking vote by mail, because mail cannot show a person’s race.

The south is solidly conservative, read segregation is good….and has banned books written by minorities, openly pushing white supremacy; etc.

When I bring this up to my conservative friends I get, “We are not prejudiced”, and then they tell a racist joke; or degrade a African American indirectly.

The Civil War was fought to end slavery, it was not fought to end discrimination; and discrimination illegally has been practiced since 1865!

We are a Caste Society, identifying untouchables, Indians, Niggers, etc….and these Castes are virtually impossible to stop….

The unwritten prejudice is at an all time high, pushed by evangelicals (prejudice against women through abortion banning, prejudice against Blacks brought housing unwritten segregation, prejudice against Native Peoples; etc).

We are face with an election, and the racists and fascists have openly told the electorate that “American can be Great Again”…which means, American can be segregated again, can beat gays to death, can fire women who need to stay at home and have white children so fascism can win more elections; etc.

The Republican Party, the Party of Lincoln, has morphed into the Party of Hitler.

Nuff said!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.