Deny Deny Deny…Fascism

Greg Beale
5 min readJul 16, 2022

Meanwhile the infection rate of the pandemic increases in the middle of the summer!

The tragedy of this is the heat of abnormal global warming is also not susceptible to the rampant denial that thousands of Americans use regarding both global climate change AND the pandemic.

The two are hooked at the hip by the way. The pandemic is happening due to the climate change is caused by closer proximity of people to wild animals, creating a robust series of viruses that make people sick. Add to this the climate of denial, where people who listen to Trump deny and deny that we are in the end of times era due to climate change and the viruses it contains. Millions of Amerikkkans are still not vaccinated. It is their demographic that perpetuates the pandemic.

Summer is not usually a good host for viruses. What is a good host for viruses are virus deniers.

And gasoline is not the be and end all of our existence; the overuse of it is killing us!

America pioneered both air and ground transportation. Amerikkka stupidly allowed private enterprises to take over the railroads of America. Just like Amerikkka allowed private enterprise to lead us into the gasoline age.

Profit driven endeavors are NOT public policy inclined..

Items that effect international realities cannot be led by the private sector. It just doesn’t work.

Problem is CO2 emissions sky rocket when millions of cars, trucks and planes drone on every damned day. And millions of Americans depend on this rampant overuse of gas and diesel , not to mention coal, for their livelihood…

A Senator from West Virginia just scuttled efforts to stop CO2 emissions, that only benefits his coal miner mentality.

By the way most of coal is dug up now by machines, with LITTLE BENEFIT TO WORKING MEN AND WOMEN. ONLY PLUTOCRATS BENEFIT FROM COAL USE.

WEST VIRGINIA IS ONE OF THE POOREST STATES IN THE UNION…and much of that is attributal to its do nothing Senator who is owned by Big Coal (what is left of it); meanwhile the average temperature of Americkkka is well over 100 degrees, while wild fires begin a wild fire season that will last until December.

Denial is rampant. The pandemic should be over, but about 80 millions of Amerikkkans refuse to get vaccinated, giving us perpetual pandemic forever.

And the Republican Party STILL, denies reality with much of America burning amidst high temperatures that will kill millions of people. To the Amerikkkan GOP private profit is all they live for. And don’t for a minute buy the good ole boy like everyone else facade the West Virginia Senator acts like.

He owns a yacht for Christ’s sake…how many coal miners own yachts?

He has done nothing for the ordinary people of West Virginia, he just makes the rich richer!

And this hubris has killed people before, denying the threats of international fascism until it was too late.

Add this to denial of global climate change and you have exactly what Republicans planned for: Chaos in social, economic and political areas that helps establish fascism in Amerikkka.

Most of us see global climate change with fear and acceptance of making changes in the ways we live for the benefit of all. Fascists see it as an opportunity for fascism to grow ..

It is going on all over the world. Let’s call it the climate change denial suicide pact through fascism.

Trump and his fascist followers are USING climate change denial and pandemic denial as a fascist political opportunity to install a fascist government, that will promise immediate relief from the pandemic and the heat. It won’t work…What it will do is destroy what is left of our democracies worldwide.

Americans are like children, just like the Weimar Republic had childlike denial behavior in the budding fascist movement led and planned by Adolph Hitler.

When social economic reality declines, people gravitate to authoritarian leaders. We were lucky from 1932 to 1945, we had a President who could have created a totalitarian state, but didn’t. FDR for sure mobilized the American People to fight fascism, and created large governmental projects to provide jobs in a depression ridden economy.

Regardless of complaints from guess who…Republicans; he never sought to run things without democratic process…Hitler did. And FDR knew exactly who we were fighting in the 1930s, he railed against fascism all the time. In fact, if you want to know how to approach fascism read up on FDR.

Trump did and and still does betray our country as he prepares after being impeached twice to seek the presidency again.

And he is 76 years old…and as January 6 proves, he will do ANYTHING to win.

We are seeing the same thing in our county right now. In 1919 it was the World War, the most lethal in mankind’s history. Now it is denial of global warming, and the viruses it spawns. These new realities have led nations into authoritarianism….before, and they are doing it again.

Denial is a classic plan of fascism, that supports a climate of made up reality, that serves to support authoritarian regimes. And these authoritarian regimes then create wars to maintain their hegemony…

Only a loss in war can cleanse the society of their vile existence!

As the climate change continues to be declined by fascist led people, it reduces dramatically world’s ability to maintain human kind. Fascists will move to take over more and more counties using manmade disasters to feed the hate that fascist always works from.

The last time this happened, the great dust bowl drove Amerikka into right wing political territory (Huey Long and others) who promised an immediate end to the World Wide Depression through war. Hitler ended the Great Depression alright, and it took 55 million dead people as as result.

The Second World War poured trillions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, not to mention radioactive pollution; that portends the end of times for humanity today.

Look at pictures from space. The atmosphere of the world is about 150 miles deep. It is an engine of oxygen creation, taking CO2 out of the atmosphere and creating life through oxygen. The economy and wars of mankind from 1900 to present have poured excessive CO2 into the atmosphere, resulting in a more hostile environment for life throughout the world.

Every day you take an unnecessary car trip just adds to the imbalance of the atmosphere that it took Mother Nature millions of years to create.

If you look at the non-contacts we have had with other beings from the galaxy after looking for decades, we should cherish our planet even more for hosting a robust living population, plant and human. THE TRAGEDY IS IN 100 YEARS MANKIND HAS SET UP A DECLINE INTO DEATH FOR BILLIONS OF LIVING CREATURES, INCLUDING MANKIND…


It is going to take sacrifice. It is going to take accepting a lower standard of living. It is going to take citizenship on the same extent as the gasoline rationing of WWII.

The alternative: do little and kill human kind…It is that bad.



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.