“Austin also compared Russia to China, saying Beijing is trying to refashion both the region and the international system to suit its authoritarian preferences. He noted China’s increasing military activities in the Taiwan Strait.”

Greg Beale
4 min readNov 21, 2022

“Beijing, like Moscow, seeks a world where might makes right, where disputes are resolved by force, and where autocrats can stamp out the flame of freedom,” he said.

Austin called Putin’s invasion the worst crisis in security since the end of the Second World War and said the outcome “will help determine the course of global security in this young century, Austin said.”

And every damned one of these threats are born from Fascism. Every damned one.

The Greatest Generation is mostly gone, but the Baby Boomers are definitely not…and the grandchildren as well.

But we are different and so are our sons and daughters. We were shielded from war, except Korea and Vietnam.

Our reaction to Vietnam ultimately was very negative, and the anti-war movement was at its peak when many of us graduated from high school and college. We had been raised on the documentary “Victory at Sea” where our fathers and mothers had given all they had to destroy the disaster of Fascism.

Our disruptive demonstrations, burning draft cards, did not fit well with the “Greatest Generation”. Families were pulled apart (sounds like the current disruption of anti-vax. versus vaccination)….Germans blinded followed wrong headed lies, just like anti-vax proponents lie about the vaccines.

Vaccines stopped smallpox, polio, mumps, measles…etc etc….Vaccines have literally saved the world as we know it.

In spite of the criticism, mostly from our fathers and mothers, the “hippie generation” successfully ended the Vietnam War. Today Saigon bears another name, but it also is loaded with capitalism….you can get a McDonalds anywhere.

What happened? Democracy and yes Capitalism, as an alternative to fascism happened, Even though Vietnam is allegedly communist, it isn’t, it is a political dictatorship with a capitalist economy.

Think not, check out where your computer came from, or your I-Phone…China…

Lenin must be spinning in his grave.

But fascism is flourishing in other parts of the world, North Korea, China and of course Russia. Ironically all of these countries were once pure Communism, but have morphed into capitalistic plutocracies.

FDR once famously declared that Fascism was really authoritarianism, with the government and free enterprise combining, with lots of corruption, into aggressive plutocratic dictatorships, like Japan, Germany, Russia and Italy…yes we made nice with Stalin to end the war, that then morphed into a dangerous Cold War….

It only takes a minute to look at the takeover of Twitter to see a plutocrat at work.

Look at Trump, who ran his company like a plutocratic dictatorship and attempted to overcome the government with a fascist insurrection. We don’t call it fascism too much, because the Republicans, who have become autocratic fascist lovers, call foul and join in the Big Lie that they are the ONLY way to clean us the mess THEY caused!

It’s fascism folks. It even manifests itself into the anti-Vox movement, conning ordinary citizens into refusing to mask or get vaccinated, prolonging the anger and chaos theories, spreading the disease amidst a constant drum beat of chaos; that is exactly what fascism needs to overcome democracy.

In short, the anti-face mask and anti-vaccination movements are NOT for Liberty , quite the opposite, they are well meaning citizens who are being manipulated into keeping the virus going.

Prospective dictators like Trump actually fostered this Big Lie, even after he got the virus.

Ironically, as much as he downplayed the pandemic, mis managing it so bad it cost him his Presidency, when he got the virus he immediately took an antibody drug to stop serious Covid.

I can still see him laboring to speak from his balcony, not well, as he schemed to continue the pandemic but taking care of himself. That is classic fascism…

Many well meaning people are still seeing the whole things as a hoax, they have been brainwashed by plutocratic fascism into keeping the virus going by refusing to get fully vaccinated or wear a mask. They are being manipulated and they don’t even know it.

It is no accident that Trump criticized virus experts, even suggesting swallowing Clorox to kill the virus…Some even tried it, or drank fish tank sanitizer and died. The plutocrat does not care, he/she is scheming all the time to cause more and more chaos, leading to a fascist takeover.

Those are the facts everyone…And this reality is still turning loved ones against one another, needlessly continuing a disruptive virus, all aimed at causing political chaos.

We are in deep trouble. But there is a cure…call those who have wandered into disaster into account. Tell them what they are doing…Tell them what our forefathers told us, no matter what, fascist propaganda is exactly that.

The answer to all of this is to love your fellow man/woman and do what is right for the society, stop listening to the propaganda dogma coming from the right. If we all get fully vaccinated and take measures to protect yourself, wearing a mask in crowded poorly ventilated spaces, we still can beat this thing; destroying the virus as well as destroying the plutocrat authoritarians who are manipulating us…Remember Pearl Harbor!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.