Athletics Scam

Greg Beale
2 min readApr 5, 2024

Sacramento vs Las Vegas. It is interesting since the Raiders relocated to Las Vegas they have gone no where.

Why Las Vegas? Well wholesome entertainment it ain’t..

A few years ago professional sports backed off betting on their product. For a long time it was against the law.

But money took over good sense, witness the destruction of the PAC 12!.

When money is the guiding decision it destroys.

Athletics was NOT invented for betting… fact it still is illegal in college sports, but not enforced.

Sacramento is certainly more legal than Las Vegas…Las Vegas is sin city, Sacramento is not.

But Las Vegas has a shit load of money that was made by betting, that ruins lives.

As I have said many times, being from Sacramento, it is the place in California particularly that can husband Major League Baseball, Big 5 college athletics (Sac State and. UC Davis), etc. And we ignore demanding a change in organization including around Sacramento.

The Bay Area, due to the ridiculous home prices is running off fans. Most of the 49er followers, the Raiders (once upon a time), are from the Sacramento Valley. So why not…why not put Davis and Sac State on NCAA highest competitive organization….like make a conference including them along with San Jose State, San Diego State, Fresno State, Sac State, UC Davis; etc.

This year Sac State beat Stanford!

But no…the money drives Las Vegas to lure the Raiders into sin city, and places the Athletics in Sacramento for three years while Las Vegas builds another betting crazy stadium.

The day will come when cheating due to betting will hit professional and college athletics…and ruin it.

Already the money crooks have accomplished paying NCAA athletes to get into advertisements for a fee naturally…Really!?

Where is this heading, making college sports professional…and so ends the Scholar Athlete.

I am one of them and have given back to society far more than my scholarship….All of the Stanford Lettermen, all of them, have given back to society. Thank you for your scholarship!

Why is this destruction of sports is coming: MONEY SPEAKS.

I played for Stanford. We filled the stadium, 90,000 in those days, and games were blacked out in the vicinity. And we didn’t travel all over the place to play football.

Finally, the move to the AAC will destroy Cal and Stanford’s football teams, basketball teams;etc.

The goal of these crooks; make all college sports into minor leagues feeding major leagues and then make millions on betting schemes.

Athletics Scholars cannot stay in school and travel thousands of miles to play ball.

This change applies to more than football…it applies to everything.

And the reason is T.V. Revenues…the hell with college students, Las Vegas really?

So more and more students will fail to get a diploma, due to the greed of places like god damned Las Vegas!

And who will suffer the most for this opportunity to move up in society: Athletes of color.

Yes, this whole thing is racist as hell!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.