An Open Letter to a Hoover Fellow: Bill Whalen

So let me get this straight: Kamala. Harris is a major source of research with the Hoover Institute of War and Peace. Her ancestors were what, migrants after WWI? Or were her ancestors. Asians, African American, that you delight in reminding everyone about with the normal racist tint that conservatives love to use, part of the Greece Revolution of the early twentieth century or whatever.

Greg Beale
5 min readFeb 12, 2019

No, you write a “hit piece” attacking a political rival, and then dutifully list your vocation as a “Fellow” for the Hoover Institute. And you go on and on and on, making sure your audience knows FOR SURE SHE IS NOT WHITE!

Really? You study war and peace that is involved in the partisan battles for the White House in 2020? Really? That is what a Hoover Fellow is supposed to do, use research fellowship to write partisan hit pieces?

And of course, the racist sexist crap oozes from your writing. Why attack her racial make up? Oh, I forgot, according to YOU, that is what she is running on, she is a woman and a woman of color. Funny, Democrats don’t seem to care, they have people of mixed race, not pure white, also running for President. Did you notice during the State of the Union the ladies in white?

And how is that going for Republicans, whose President is a former apostle of Adolph Hitler (you probably know that Mein Kampf was a favorite read for Trump, who doesn’t read much)?

He is an authoritarian, who fits right into with your favorite people, who hates democracy and especially progressives (or lefties as your fascist friends call us).

Of course I am an American, and proudly part Native American, who played football for the university you plague, and graduated from there.

And you know what I think of your politics. What I cannot understand is how you take a research fellowship and use it for political advantage of fascist positions.

That’s right fascist. And I am not using that term loosely, the conservative movement in America went fascism several years ago.

But again, you choose to remind everyone about the genetic makeup of a Presidential candidate and have the gall to blame her for it!

I have heard Kamala speak a few times, having been active in Democratic politics. I have never heard her dwell on her ancestors. She does talk about how she came up from the middle class; that she has not forgotten where she came from.

And I don’t dwell on my ancestors either. My father did not tell me of my partial heritage until I was 50 years old. Then I found out my great great grandfather was Cherokee, and was lynched in Oklahoma for being married to a white woman (must have been common law because Native Americans were not allowed to marry whites until 1947).

And he had more than likely traveled along the Trail of Tears, that Trump just recently mocked, had survived only to be killed by “confederate soldiers”.

How am I sure of this, because I looked him up on the Texas List of Executions, which is a a very long document, and found his name, executed in 1859. I also checked that many southern states had already started dressing their militias in Confederate uniforms anticipating Lincoln’s victory.

So I was a Stanford Indian, graduated and played my last season in 1968–69, not knowing I really was a Stanford “Indian”.

And I served in many administrative positions, was elected the Chair of the Democratic Party in my resident country; etc., and never used by background once. In fact, to do so, even in the last thirty years, was not considered a good idea; white privilege and all in the conservative county in which I then lived.

So I am not a fake Pocahontas as Trump uses in his white supremacist attacks on Elizabeth Warren; who merely has stated that she has some Native American ancestors. Many Americans do, mentioning it in passing like she did….that’s about it.

Ever wonder why. It wasn’t until 1928 or so that a Native American woman could have a baby in a California hospital, until 1947 or so that a person of color could marry a white, not until the mid-twenties that Native Americans could VOTE or be a citizen….etc….etc..

So racial identities were not disclosed….everyone “passed for white”..

So did I…

But the Dems, are into “identify politics”…running on the color of their skin, not the content of their policies. Really??? The Dems? How about the segregationist Republicans, the Storm Thurmond’s who jumped gladly into the Republican Party when the Democratic Party finally purged him?

Bullshit. Your friend, Donald Trump, openly ran on racism, his birther scam was a direct attack on the ethnicity of the President, totally unfounded, but reminding the nation over and over and over and over and over again, that Obama was “African” Muslin.

Of course Islam goes back to the Moors, who beat the crap out of the Europeans for almost 800 years, occupied Spain, Portugal and parts of France and brought learning and culture to what otherwise were barbaric people. That’s right, YOUR ancestors, were barbarians, Kamala’s were civilized, having a high literacy rate for the time, while Western Europeans were living in huts as serfs.

Never mind Obama’s Harvard Law Degree. Never mind his experience in humanitarian activities, his time as a U.S. Senator, his amazing ability to speak, no he was an African, even a Muslim…(which he wasn’t) and racist fascist conservatives are so stupid they didn’t even realize that even being a Muslim, or Moor, means an historical background that was at one time far advanced over the white barbarians of the Russian and German and English plains.

If anyone doubts that this prompted the white backlash, guided by Trump, that elected Trump, they are living in dreamland.

And that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO…typing Senator Harris to her race, reminding people over and over again “that she aint’ white”..

And your fascist description of progressive is so fascist it sounds like Goebbles wrote it: I mean if you can even find a book on the Weimar Republic in that University Library you work next to, you might look up the attacks that the Nazis used to undermine democracy in the 1920s and early 30s, leading to a takeover of the government. Racism wins…..hate wins….stereotyping wins…

Is that what you learn in the Hoover Institute. That is NOT what Hoover was all about by the way!

I know that is NOT what Hoover stood for. His Vice President was Native American by the way, never said a word about it, didn’t dress him in a costume, but he was the first (and only) person of Native American descent to be President or Vice President. And you might read up on Hoover’s humanitarian efforts after WWI.

And in 1928 election they didn’t dwell on that for the simple reason that the KKK would probably have burned Washington down. And Hoover, the Stanford guy, had the courage to choose a person of color as his Vice President.

By the way, why didn’t you include that in your attack on Harris? Oh that’s right, racism doesn’t work with liberty and justice.



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.