Aliota Must Go and We Might go With Him! A NEW WRINKLE! EVEN AGAIN ANOTHER FLAG!

Greg Beale
3 min readMay 18, 2024

“Justice Samuel Alito sought to head off mounting criticism Friday over a report that an inverted American flag was flown at his house in January 2021, telling Fox Newsthat his wife hoisted the symbol of discontent in response to profane signs in the neighborhood.

Alito said that a neighbor had posted a sign saying “F**k Trump” near a school bus stop and then a sign attacking his wife, Martha-Ann Alito. On a walk, the justice told Fox, the Alitos got into an argument with the neighbor, who used the term “c**t” at one point. His wife then flew the inverted flag.

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A NEW WRINKLE SINCE THIS WAS PENNED….It seems that the good judge, has put a flag that depicts Revolution Era pro Christian and right wing.

It is ridiculous that these Supreme Court justices can get away with bloody murder, since they are appointed for life…

What these idiots are showing is that they are cheap politicians, NOT judges.

I wanted to become a lawyer when I graduated from Stanford. At the last minute I decided not to, because of the attitude of lawyers (that they were somehow Gods)…

Can you imagine, that this judge was actually put up for Supreme Court by President Bush, not Trump. But his right wing fascism has been in evidence for years….destroying democracy.

How can this man live with himself? He has certainly lied over and over again when he is supposed to be impartial…he is a political hack.


Both were put into the Constitution because the upper class was in the 1700s, part of every advanced ? Society….

At the time in the Americas, there was only once political system that was democratic, the Native Americans….and the aristocracy white men saw to that, by allowing SLAVERY AND PUTTING ARISTOCRACY INTO THE CONSTITUTION.

A growing chorus of Democratic lawmakers and ethics experts lobbed criticism at the Supreme Court in response to the report and demanded that Alito recuse himself from cases involving the 2020 presidential election and January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol.”

When will this fascism be taken seriously. When will we realize that there are fascists on the Supreme Court.

This is the plan…Trump if he wins the Presidency (if he gets out of jail) will disband the Congress, then he will launch atomic missiles into the Ukraine, Japan and the rest of the NATO.

We will see millions of American dead, those who survive (Republicans who get into shelters on the tip from Trump) and Marshall law will be called…the few Democrats left will be sent to camps and killed.

Trump will have thus killed the rest of liberals and will bring in Russia to rule what is left of the world.

Think I’m crazy…I am not.

Look in 1945 American troops found the killing concentration camps. The size of the genocide was beyond belief. “It can’t happen here was the old theme….AND YOU CAN BET IT WILL HAPPEN HERE.

Trump will emerge from his bomb proof atomic warfare shelter and rule the world (what is left of it) with Putin.

We continue to look the other way….we tolerate lying Justices, lying ex-Presidents, lying Republicans….and there is a plan to take over the world…

Be warned…if Trump wins the United States will be gone….the World as we know it will be ashes!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.