“A That’s unlikely anytime soon. The state health department said Monday “We are not considering a statewide masking mandate at this time” and “We are empowering Californians to take voluntary actions, including masking in public indoor settings, and getting the flu shot and updated COVID-19 booster, to protect themselves and their families from multiple respiratory viruses circulating in the state.” The department noted, however, that “local governments may implement separate and more strict policies.”

Greg Beale
3 min readDec 15, 2022

……..San Jose Mercury News

Here it is again and again. Mask mandates and further restrictive interventions are up to YOU!

That is right, once again the pandemic tests whether Californians value We or Me first.

Now this is really a wrong headed way to approach this. Amerikkka has had the worst performance with the pandemic in the WORLD. The stubborn Americans who say their liberty is more important than ANYTHING, have shamelessly killed over a million people, in the richest country on earth. We already have proven that Americans value Me First.

The irony is their stubbornness about the pandemic imperils themselves, their friends and family.

We did not have data a year or so ago, but the data is there now. Wear masks in closed in areas, get fully vaccinated and we could be free of the covid right now.

The most recent booster is powerful and will definitely in most cases, protect you from serious illness. It also reduces how much virus can be. spread…

Wearing masks in closed in areas is a good idea….and good hygiene works too. And masks stop the virus cold!

But we have a political party that has decided, proven by statistics, that winning elections (the Florida Governor) is more important than losing lives.

In fact and the reason for spreading lies about the virus, is horrible: killing minorities who are not vaccinated. Statistics prove that Trump was rigging the anti-pandemic government efforts to kill Black and Brown people who vote against him. The Florida governor is doing the same thing in PLAIN SIGHT!

Many of us are begging for normalcy…and it is really pretty close to happening. Republicans playing political games with the public, and in many cases causing deaths for political gain, is horrible.

So what will YOU do. Everyone reading this has a family member or friend who does not have all the vaccines on board, or who refuses to wear a mask in crowded quarters. We still we have deniers who are tired of the pandemic (who isn’t?) and still refuse to get completely vaccinated and goes to bars or restaurants with no mask!

Bars are still the most covid spread places in America…people getting drunk and figuring “what the hell”…they then go home, or to work, with the virus and give it to a friend, or their family!

We are so close to ridding ourselves of this calamity.

Yes, Polio was different, we waited for generations to get the horrible virus eliminated (mostly) until we got the vaccine…And everybody got inoculated…

The shots then were a series, and many of us got the shots in school! And polio faded away into a very small threat to health.

We have more means to do this to Covid..all we have to do is think WE NOT ME; regardless of the Florida Governor who is LYING ABOUT THE VACCINE to kill his political opponents! Again, data proves this!

Ironically, Florida has one of the worst pandemic performances of the rest of the USA…so in a sense the Governor (who wants to run for President) is again using the Trump Approach, creating mistrust to kill his political opponents using a virus as a weapon! That is exactly what Trump tried to do; and it cost him the Presidency!

Please get fully vaccinated…getting two shots a year and a half ago is not going to get it…Get fully vaccinated…period!



Greg Beale

Stanford grad, BA Political Science, MA from Sac State, Varsity Football Player, in public education as teacher, coach, athletic director, and administrator.